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In 1986, a ferociously courageous young man from the land of Hyrule stormed the world in search of his princess, the legendary Zelda. Through the years we have watched the transformation of this young man from boy to man and witnessed his many adventures from destroying Zant to slaughtering Ganon. But will we ever see this man, better known as Link, come alive?

The many looks of Link
The many looks of Link

So, rumor has it that Netflix is in the process of creating a live-action television series of the famous video game franchise with no set date, plot, or writers in mind. Nintendo is hushed on the home front and quite possibly timid about making any announcement, especially if this whole thing turns out to be dust on the prairie.

What do fans think? For the most part they’re inquisitive and skeptical. We’ve all seen how video game adaptations can take a turn for the worse, with few bucking the stereotypical flop and becoming blockbuster success stories. A live-action Legend of Zelda could stand as “Tomb Raider” phenom or “Super Mario Brothers” catastrophe.

If you ask this fan, I say Hollywood takes the reigns and turns this priceless rupee into the epic of the decade. It would take some pretty tricky work on the part of the casting directors to find just the right and match and chemistry for our two mains, plus the ultimate villain. Let’s explore that path…first off, who plays the speechless hero?

I preface these suggestions by saying, please be open-minded. We’re not only looking for a boyishly handsome young fellow, but also a man who can manipulate his face without using many words. Remember, Link does not speak in the games, therefore needs to be represented by a strong, silent type...a man of few words. My vote is for McQueen. Killer smile and looks great without a shirt. And who better than a sexy vampire hunter to finally tell Navi to shut the hell up!?

For the Princess Zelda, she must possess a sense of style and grace while rockin a royal attitude and precision aim. I’m only giving Miss Kane and Miss Fanning a nod while my heart says that only Hermoine can kick that much ass.

And as for Ganondorf, well, that’s a toughie. With the right amount of make-up, we can truly make any man look that hideous. But we need someone of such bulk and size that it seems almost an insurmountable task to defeat him single-handed. I’m really only thinking of one man, Jason Mamoa. In the ugly department he’s already half way there, and he’s absolutely massive. I mean, would you wanna be cornered in a dark alley by this guy?

The failure or success of such an endeavor as bringing the world’s most beloved video game hero and his entourage to life should be left in the hands of those who have lived and loved by the code of the Triforce: Courage, Power, and Wisdom. The fans. Do we give Hollywood or even Netflix the go on this task, or we do we save our exploits for the controller?


Who's your favorite Link and Zelda combination?


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