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Did you know that there is a Halo web series?! No? Well, neither did I and I played Halo religiously in high school. You can see it on any Microsoft device, including Xbox 360, and Xbox One - plus a host of other VOD platforms.

Are you excited or still not sure? Well, check out this exclusive clip...It's pretty intense:

What did you think? Pretty cool, right? It feels dark and gritty. Which is how I would have imagined Halo to be in a live-action. While I don't always need dark and gritty in my comic book or game adaptions, Halo always had a sinister feel to it. Maybe it's because I sucked at the games and always died in the campaign mode but mostly it was the storyline in the actual campaigns.

As if the new clip wasn't convincing enough, check out the trailer for it:

Did you see the energy sword?! Queue girly squeals of excitement, stat! Excuse my noobishness, but that was my favorite weapon. I died a lot... so I needed it, okay?

For further information check out their website,

Halo: Nightfall is now available to rent or purchase on VOD (in more than 90 countries by the way!) so go check it out!


Are you excited for Halo: Nightfall?


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