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Hey guys, here are the top 5 at the domestic US Box Office on the weekend of March 13th.

1) CINDERELLA - $70 Million

There was no doubt at all that Cinderella was going to be a huge success, a live action Disney adaptation certainly worked wonders last year with "Maleficent" which opened last year with $69.4 Million. It's obvious audiences are very happy to pay their hard earned cash to see a re-telling of their favorite fairy tales.

"Cinderella" directed by Kenneth Branagh is the sixth highest March opening of all time, that's a pretty impressive achievement if you ask me. The film had a budget of around $95 Million so there's no doubt the film is going to soar way beyond its production budget as it's still got two weeks until it opens in the UK and several other locations. The film so far has scored an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, far higher than last year's "Maleficent" which resides at a 49%.

2) RUN ALL NIGHT - $11 Million

Liam Neeson's newest action thriller failed to even come close to "Cinderella", only making around $11 Million this weekend. I saw the film last night and actually had a very good time, you can check out my review. The film received mixed reviews from critics, scoring a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film is the third collaboration between Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra, the two recently worked together on "Unknown" ($21 Million) and "Non-Stop" ($28.8 Million) both which opened a lot higher than this rated R action film. Are audiences getting tired of Liam Neeson? Neeson's last original film; "A Walk Among The Tombstones" only opened at around $12.8 Million.


Still holding on in the TOP 5 is Matthew Vaughn's "Kingsman". The film which had to open across from "Fifty Shades Of Grey" has become very successful in recent weeks as word of mouth spreads. You can check out my review. The film has now reached $276 Million worldwide, much higher than Vaughn's last rated R satire "Kick-Ass" which unfortunately only made it to $96 Million.

4) FOCUS - $5.8 Million

"Focus" in its third weekend has now made $101 Million worldwide on top of its modest $50.1 Million budget. It's a good thing this film opened so early in the year as I fear a summer release may have doomed this film. Will Smith isn't the Box Office superstar he used to be. You can check out my review.

5) CHAPPIE - $5.7 Million

Oh Chappie.....poor Chappie. The newest Neill Blomkamp sci-fi adventure has only just scraped itself over its $49 Million budget making roughly $56 Million worldwide. This is definitely Chappie's final week in the TOP 5, I have no doubt the negative reviews hurt the film. Here's my review.

No real big surprises at the Box Office this weekend, other than maybe Neeson's failed "Run All Night". Cinderella will probably only fall into second place next week after "Insurgent" opens.

The independent horror film "It Follows" also opened this week in four locations and made an impressive $163,000, pair that with its very positive reviews and you can be sure to see this amazing horror film expand to more locations in the following week. Here's my review.

So guys, any movies that surprised you over the weekend, and what movies did you head out to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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