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Yesterday I got to experience my first comicon (yeah, yeah I know) and it was amazing. Since I cannot afford or get off to go to the San Diego Comicon, I went to a local comicon in my hometown; Kansas City. Since this was a last minute plan I did not have the money on hand to meet the celebrity guest like; Steven Amell (Arrow) and many cast members of the Walking Dead. I was bummed out about that. But there was so much to see that I did not mind the whole thing and I missed the panels, which was another disappointment, but again that was okay.

First up a freaking Star Wars truck aka now what I expect if I were to own a truck.

Of course there were Lego's.

Bonus points goes to the person who spots Jabba
Bonus points goes to the person who spots Jabba

Then onto the Batmobile Da, Da, Da, Da Batman!

I was actually bummed out that they did not have someone dressed up as Robin and Batgirl and I am not sure where Batman was at the time.

I shouldn't have to say anything about the next picture.

Now a game of name that car! Now go!

Have you figured it out yet?
Have you figured it out yet?

If you don't know it's Kit from Knight Rider! My dad had a total nerd out when he saw this car. Yeah my dad is cool and takes his daughter to comicon for a father and daughter outing together. Don't hate.

Of course Dalek's where everywhere threatening to terminate everyone.

I was not able to capture everything I saw while I was at comicon, there were a lot of Droids, but they were not cooperating and kept running away each time I would try to take a picture.

Thanks Bartle Hall in Kansas City for hosting this event and Planet Comicon for making it happen. I cannot wait till next year and maybe it won't be a last minute decision and I will have enough time and money to do everything I want to do.


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