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The trailers for Arrow and The Flash that were shown at Payleyfest were just released online and I thought I’d talk about it. A spoiler warning is applied because these trailers go into some deep stuff with their series’ future.

First off is the Arrow trailer. It starts off with some already heard of quotes about Ra’s al Ghul and shows shots of him looking like a bad-ass. It teases the idea of Oliver becoming Ra’s al Ghul a lot. Although it would be awesome, this show is called “Arrow” not “Ra’s al Ghul”. It shows shots of people with guns, an invasion inside Misaeo’s house and shots of the Suicide Squad with Deadshot saying “the Suicide Squad rides again”. I have been very frustrated with the Suicide Squad’s absence and am glad to see they have returned, maybe Captain Boomerang is with them.

The A.T.O.M. shows up and we see that Ray has figured out Oliver’s identity. I don’t know why he’s so pissed off at the Arrow that he wants to fight him. They basically are fighting for the exact same thing. Perhaps the Arrow doppleganger framed Oliver for something really bad. Also an unsettling shot of Felicity being what I assume is stabbed by someone.

Ra’s al Ghul has kidnapped Quentin Lance and it looks like he’s spilling the beans on the identity of the Arrow. A shot of Roy and Thea kissing, I always hoped that they’d get back together. A shot of Quentin pointing a gun at Laurel and Arrow, Arsenal and Canary are running away from a police car. I am reminded of a photo posted on twitter by one of the actors that said that this was the last time they would be doing something. Someone’s probably going to die. A shot of Nyssa holding a knife to Ra’s’ throat, it seems inevitable that there would be a strain.

Captain Lance is very mad at Oliver and it seems that he finally knows that he is the Arrow. I suppose a good indicator of that is when he walks into the basement under the Verdant and says “I got you now, you son of a bitch.” It doesn’t look good for the Arrow, it does look good for Oliver becoming Ra’s though. He is definitely tempted by that idea and I would like to see Oliver do something Ra’sy*.

Now, onto the Flash trailer. Barry seems to make another running metaphor for the upteenth time when he says he’s “running from something”. Henry does his monologue from “Crazy For You” as we see “flashes” of the Flash’s taking on his previous run-ins.

We are “looking into the future” as we see Barry has finally learnt of Wells’ true identity, the Reverse-Flash. I really like the shot of Wells holding a gun behind his back as he confronts Barry. We get to see Ray show up as A.T.O.M. and Cisco and Laurel talk to each other. Cisco just has this funny way with women which just makes me chuckle.

We get to see the Rogues in action and it appears that Captain Cold now knows the Flash’s identity. I’m sad that we still can’t see Lisa’s powers in action but in good time I suppose. Weather Wizard creates a Tsunami and it looks like Central City is in serious doodoo. The Trickster attaches a bomb to Barry, while this can be considered a reference to Speed, it seems more like that scene from Justice League: Doom. Also, Joe confronts Grodd.

It seems that Barry and Iris are flirting with each other and Eddie don’t like it! Eddie don’t like it so much that he gives Barry a well earned fist to the face and ends up shooting two cops. People do crazy things for love, don’t they? I’m curious what Eddie’s arc is because he might not be another Reverse-Flash afterall. I have heard the theory that a descendant of his will be the new Reverse-Flash, only time will tell.

We get a shot of Joe and Quentin talking to each other. I assume that all of these crossovers will be happening in “All-Star Team Up.” I loved it when Felicity said “I thought Central City was supposed to be the fun one”, I think we’re all thinking that. We get a shot of the bug-eyed bandit as well. We also get a shot of Eiling coming back. How? No idea. It appears that Wells actually wants Barry dead which was something I thought he was avoiding.

All in all, these trailers were very good. They have spoiled a great deal but I believe that will just increase the hype with leaving just enough questions unanswered. Arrow and The Flash returns this week so I should have the reviews up soon.

*Ra'sy - An action or trait that is the liking of Ra's Al Ghul


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