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We learned much more about the future of this season of "The Flash" and some hints of what's to come in the second season from this past weekend's "Paleyfest". Grodd, even some Mark Hamill Trickster action, and an Evil Eddie Thawne. We were even promised/teased Bart Allen and Wally West in season 2. In the leaked footage below, we see some "[Arrow](series:720988)" guest stars and Eddie heading on a darker path.

Check it out:

Woah! That was amazing! Especially Cisco's "I love you" moment. We finally see Iris and Barry getting together (Little too soon of you ask me) and Eddie deck Barry right in the jaw. Uh oh, We even see Eddie gun down two cops! Which makes me wonder, Could he replace Harrison Wells as the Reverse Flash by the end of the season? What do you think?

We also see the return of Captain Cold and some Grodd action. I also think it's a little too soon for Grodd as well. He seems like a Season 3 villain. I don't think this show should use all its coolest characters right away. It could run out of story fuel that way. But Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns probably know what there doing so, I won't jump the gun. But we see the return of Genral Eiling who was thought to have met his demise in episode 14 at the hands of Grodd. In the footage above, He looks mindless as if he is possibly being controlled telepathically by Grodd, who is famous for having such powers from the comics.

Let me know below what you think. Don't know about you guys but I'm definitely excited about the end of this season of [The Flash](series:1068303).


Are you excited?


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