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This is merely speculation. If you have any other ideas, tell me in the comments.


I believe I have found something in some promo art

See this old piece of promo art. DC and many others have said it is just a previous version of the costume, but if you were DC, would you release an old design of a costume. I wouldn't. If you don't see the differences, here it is

Ta-Da! There are some noticeable differences, right. My theory:


Popular theory, but I thin mine is different from others for the reasons below:

Harrison Wells is Bart Allen

If you watched The Flash's PaleyFest panel, you would've noticed how the EP's quickly dodged a fan's good question of

"Will Bart Allen or Wally West be appearing in The Flash in the near future"

That was just paraphrasing, but I think this is possible because

  • Harrison Wells know the future through his weird newspaper thingy
  • He know the Flash's every move
  • He has a unclear past
  • Star Labs, his "creation", has very futuristic technology
  • He set off the Particle Accelerator, even though Cisco or Ronnie Raymond or whoever it was, told him the risks, almost as if he needed to create metahumans for some reason

Eddie Thawne is Eobard Thawne

Well, Um Duh-DOI. It s almost a homonym.This one has less evidence, but it is very viable. He could be Eobard because:

  • He almost acts too dumb about metahumans

See. Very little evidence. I know. But here is how this could work

The Final Theory

Bart Allen and Eobard Thawne are from the future, but not working together. This reverses comic book origins, so it totally could be the other way around, but Eobard and Eddie are so close I wanted it to be this way. Actually, another reason for this is because Bart doesn't seem intent on killing Barry. Bart could be watching Barry like a "guardian angel", just putting certain things in action after he finds out there is a change in the space-time continuum, which is Barry going back in time to save his mom. Bart travels back in time to try to make him fail, only because this change could effect or even prevent his existence. Meanwhile, Eobard, Bart's nemesis in the future, learns Bart has traveled back in time, and follows him, using the Cosmic Treadmill because he doesn't have as much of a direct connection to the Speed Force as Bart. Bart, being smarter and more rational then Eobard, realizes he has to have a background to not be immediately speculated as the Reverse-Flash, also taking inspiration for the suit for Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Professor Zoom. Bart creates his background with him getting a wife and then her dying "suspiciously." Zoom is more impulsive and travels straight to the time of the murder, where he finds Bart and Barry already there. He also interferes, and with Bart being faster, is seen more than Bart, his speed being closer to Barry's than Bart's. Bart tries to interfere, and succeeds. It is Eobard who killed Barry's mom, trying to prevent Bart from being born. He learns Barry is trying to stop him and Bart is trying to stop Barry because he knows Eobard's little scheme doesn't succeed, Eobard tries to go back and also prevent himself from murdering Barry's mom. This fails, and Eobard goes into hiding while Bart goes to Star Labs and starts his work, knowing he has to be responsible for the creation of metahumans, mainly Vibe, Firestorm, Killer Frost, Weather Wizard, and, of course, The Flash. (Vibe=Cisco Ramon, Firestorm= Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond, Killer Frost= Caitlin Snow) He knows Vibe and Killer Frost will not get their powers from the Particle Accelerator explosion, but he knows one of his experiments, Gorilla Grodd, will cause something (I don't know what) to power them, and also knows they will be loyal. Everyone else is simply pieces in the puzzle that are not necessarily needed. He uses the wheelchair so he is not a prime suspect. Meanwhile, Professor Zoom is in hiding, making a plan down to the hour. After the Metahuman Genisis, Zoom resurfaces under the name Eddie Thawne, modified for the 21st century. He becomes a detective in order to become close to Barry's adoptive family, even dating his "sister" and love interest, Iris, knowing Barry will do nearly anything for her. Playing dumb is part of his plan, trying not to seem like he knows anything. I mean, if he was smart at all, he would have at least noticed what was right under his nose the whole time. Not if he's faking. They are not fully aware of each other, suspecting that they are just a descendent of the other one, like if Bart's offspring marries one of Barry's. They both figure out who the other is at the same time, during the episode before the finale's post credits. I suspect that one is the one where it is Gorilla Grodd. They know who the other is, and Bart reveals himself to the Star Labs team. Just that he is Reverse Flash, not Bart Allen, as this could severely affect the Space-Time Continuum. The recently released set photos could be where Eobard confronts Bart, not using his costume, just his speed. Imagine how cool this would be, Eobard in his SWAT gear with his gun pointed at Bart, and Bart using his awesome Reverse Flash voice, just like "Eobard". That would be sick. Bart then kills Eobard or at least severely injures him, causing him to have to go back to the future to save himself, maticuously planning again, a way for Rick Cosnett to be in Season 2. Bart then reveals the whole story to the Star Labs team, at first mad at him, but, while holding a grudge, still working with him, like how Felicity and Diggle are with Malcolm Merlyn. He leaves out the part about his secret room. Then, this sets up the Season 2 arc...


I don't know how several parts of this could work, and it is merely speculation, but I had this theory and thought I should share it

Tell me what you think about it in the comments

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