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Obviously this weeks episode of The Walking Dead showed many things about certain characters, how important Rick and his group are and how useless the old residents of Alexandria are (well at least most of them) I will mention this DOES HAVE SPOILERS SO WATCH THE EPISODE FIRST


Many characters proved their worth proving that they can come out of their shell to act in combat or think about the future like:


Eugene was sent to the warehouse to help find electricity supplies for Alexandria. While making his way in Eugene and Tara where having a conversation and Tara started it off by saying "You really are a coward?" And Eugene replied "I told all of you that I'm a coward, I told you all" and they carry on to entrance door to enter the warehouse. Then after Aidan shoots the zombie (which before he turned looked like he was a police officer or military soldier) and going trigger crazy he accidentlu shoots one of the grenades on it's jacket. Everyone is concussed and Tara has been knocked out but a zombie starts coming down the isle towards Tara and because of the heavy boxes that fell down in between Tara Eugene due to the grenade explosion he could not teach her, so Glenn says to Eugene "This one is yours" but Eugene stutters to himself why does no one listen (obviously talking about himself being a coward) but he reches for his gun and aims then a zombie comes from behind and attacks him so Glenn has to jump in and kill both zombies.

Now Eugene takes Tara to the security room with everyone following. Glen then notices that Aidan is miraculously alive so he, Noah and Nicholas rushed to try and save him while Eugen stays behind with Tara (still unconscious). Eugene says Tara I told you I'm a coward making up the idea that he his going to leave Tara while the zombies are distracted but he lifts up Tara over his shoulder and starts walking to the exit; he come up to a zombie and shoots it in the head and then he meets a second zombie and shot him in the leg then in the head and then he was home free. 5 minutes later into the episode he made a surprise appearance where he comes back and tries to save Glenn, Noah and Nicholas by attracting the zombies away from the revolving doors.

Nicholas escaping through the revolving doors
Nicholas escaping through the revolving doors

Eugene shows the group that he can pull his weight by killing zombies saving others and ultimately just showing everyone he has a pair of balls.


Noah was just starting to get liked as people didn't like him because he got Beth and Tyreese killed so when everyone was starting to forget that he was starting to get liked. Noah was starting to show his enthusiasm for the future of Alexandria by showing he was willing to help keep the walls and houses in good shape for when Deanna's husband gets to I'll to help out or dies.

The walls of Alexandria
The walls of Alexandria


Unfortunately Nicholas is one of two people who made a bad impact on the viewers tonight as he got Noah killed off and also got his best friend killed Aidan . Showing us that he is always going to think for himself and never help anyone else if it endangers his life.


Gabriel is the final character that I believe showed is something tonight. He went to Deanna and said "Satan is disguised as the angle of light and is inside these walls Rick and his group can not be trusted they have done terrible things in their lives" and Deanna says "Well that is expected we all have had to do things to get to where we are" and Gabriel insists that Rick and his group is bad. I believe he did this because they know that Gabriel left his congregation outside of the church to die regardless if it was female, male or child and he doesn't want anyone to know that.

My prediction for next weeks episode is that Rick has enough and overtake the place shooting anyone that won't co-operate or fights back and that's where Sasha comes in handy being the lookout.

Have any ideas in what next weeks episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is going to be about or what is going to happen out a comment below and I'll give you my opinion.

I am hoping to put a review up every week about what I thought about each episode and I might start putting reviews up for movies I watch if you want me to do that tell me so in the comments I'm always glad to read them that k's for reading !


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