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This will include the new Avengers as of 2015

Iron Man

I think the new Iron Man should be Joel McHale! This might be controversial, but he has the comedy chops and the show off-ness

Joel McHale
Joel McHale

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Again controversial, but James McAvoy. He is a scientist, good at playing geeks and a very good actor, young enough to be Bruce Banner for years. I don't know how his face will translate to the Hulk, but it will most likely be cool

James McAvoy
James McAvoy

Black Widow

This one has to be a badass, capable of action scenes and being pretty enough to attract people. This one will most likely not be controversial, but my pick is Emily Blunt. She can fight awesomely and is very hot (my opinion).)I think she could even be a upgrade over Scarlett Johanssen and I hope she is Captain Marvel.

To say it bluntly, she is awesome
To say it bluntly, she is awesome


I think for Thor it has to be a talented actor, capable of sad scenes, quirky banter, and be ripped. I choose Henry Cavill. Yes, I know he is Superman, but he is British, so he can pull off the accent, has comedy chops and is muscular

Hawkeye/Clint Barton

This casting is for the original Hawkeye, not the weird brainwashed one. He must be able to bulk up a bit, do dramatic scenes, and be generally funny. Another highly controversial pick, but I choose Leonardo DiCaprio. My second choice for Iron Man, DiCaprio may seem to old for the role, but is in fact 4 years younger than Jeremy Renner (I know, right) He is funny (Wolf of Wall Street) has dramatic capabilities (Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, Inception) and can do action stuff (Inception)

Maybe he'll win an Oscar for his work (ha ha ha ha)
Maybe he'll win an Oscar for his work (ha ha ha ha)

Captain America/Steve Rogers

Cap has to be the embodiment of America, have dramatic capabilities, have a good handle on sarcasm, and be able to be big and strong. I will choose Marvel's second choice, John Krasinski. I have only seen him in The Office (every episode, thank you very much), so tell me if I am wrong, but he can be dramatic and be sarcastic as hell. He also, coincedentally, is married to Emily Blunt, my Black Widow, so there should be some chemistry there. But if they get divorced, it's basically over if they refuse to be in movies with each other

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

We don't know much about her, as with her bro, but this actress must have dramatic capabilities (as with every Avenger) and have some spunk. She must also be young, preferebly an up and comer (If Marvel doesn't make her one) I choose Shailene Woodley. She can be dramatic (The Fault In Our Stars), and certainly has some spunk (Divergent), so I think she would be a perfect choice for the role. I'm surprised there isn't a bidding war for her

Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff

Again little information. I will go off the comic book version, with the qualities being comedic, dramatic, and rebellious. I choose Theo James, Woodley's co-star in Divergent, to play this character. I know his dramatic and rebellious capabilities, but I question his comedic skills. I think that will be repressed in the MCU anyway.

The Vision

The Vision actor has to have a robotic voice, have an intelligent voice, and be able to show absolutely no emotion. Benedict Cumberbatch is my choice, he sounds intelligent, can show no emotion (Star Trek: Into Darkness{Some scenes}), and nearly anyone can pull off a robotic voice. He also is British, like Jarvis the Butler and JARVIS the operating system, which Vision is believed to come from.

There are my picks! Have a good day. Disagree? Tell me in the comments


How Many do you think I chose right?


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