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Before I start, I just want to say that I enjoy Marvel and DC equally. However, I've seen that DC has been struggling with their Cinematic Universe, while Marvel has had a nearly flawless run (yes, a few disappointments happened). I think that there are some notes that DC can take from Marvel. Three, in fact.

3. Take your time!

Marvel's first team up movie took four years to set up, but the pay off was worth it. Now, I'm not saying that

Batman vs Superman

will fail, but it's very risky. Having a new Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman stem from one movie is risky. For example,

Spider-Man 3


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

both suffered from being too jam-packed with characters. The reason why

The Avengers

didn't suffer from this was because they took five movies to set up these characters and to tell their story. If Marvel started off by throwing all the characters together at once, we wouldn't be so attached to these characters and

The Avengers

would be a jam-packed mess.

2. Stay faithful to the Characters!

Marvel has been pretty good with bringing their heroes and villains to life. The only real failure representing a villain from Marvel has been The Mandarin (seriously, what the hell was with that?)


In fact, DC hasn't had a bad villain. They actually have great villains, but when it comes to the heroes... they tend to screw it up. For example the Green Lantern is my favorite superhero (Guy Gardner, to be precise) and they screwed him up BIG time. I also have some problems with the

Man of Steel

Superman. I don't hate the

Man of Steel

version, but in the movie he states that on his suit it's not the letter "S," but on Krypton is a symbol that stands for "hope." But really, do you think of hope when you think of

Man of Steel

? No, he was not lighthearted like Superman should be, he should be somebody that when someone sees him they have hope for their lives, not worried that the city will be dust in five minutes. And finally, Aquaman. What can I say about his look? I get it, Zack Synder is trying to be dark and gritty, but this is not the way to handle Aquaman. He's supposed to be a king, a person who roams the sea and keeps peace throughout Atlantis. So tell me, WHY DOES HE LOOK SO INTIMIDATING? This is the most likable person In the DC Universe - why is he so dark? DC, c'mon, have some fun with these guys!

Oh and by the way...

1. Have some fun!

This is my final point: have fun. DC has some of the best characters there is! Green Lantern, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, ect. make for a plethora of awesome characters. Each have their own unique personality, so express them! Like I said about Aquaman, he is such an underrated character with a great personality but stripping away his iconic look and feel won't make him better. Marvel has aced this, especially with Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man. He feels like Iron Man, looks like him, acts like him. He's perfect! I mean, they made a raccoon and a talking tree the best personalities of last year's movies. If DC could just take their characters and embrace them then we would have far more interesting movies!

Well, thank you for reading through this, bear in mind that it is the first article I have written. But please, criticism is key, so if there is anything I can work on let me know In the comments!


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