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We all love the castings for our beloved Avengers: from Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, etc. But what would have happened if the Marvel Universe didn't begin until now? Would the castings be different or the same? Well I'm here to give my castings of these heroes.

Let's start in the same order these heroes arrived before:

Iron Man

Ah the Invincible Iron Man. The character who has become sort of the Batman equivalent in terms of marketability. A large majority of the character's popularity came from the amazing acting and personality of the actor currently playing him: Robert Downey Jr. Now people ahve gone on record and said, "Noboady can replace RDJ! He IS Iron Man!" Yes just like everyone said, "Nobody else but Heath Ledger can play the Joker." And when Cameron Monaghan came along, everyone was happy. I honestly do think in the future, other people could pull off the character of Tony Stark and the actor I choose for said character in one that I've grown to like very much in recent years:

Luke Evans. First off, he looks like he's Tony Stark right out of the comic books.

Second, the guy is a fantastic actor. In both Dracula Untold and the Hobbit movies, he does a great job portraying his characters. Third, the guy has shown to be a very likable guy both on and off set. He does great stunt work, if you haven't see the making of the Hobbit and Dracula Untold, it shows he performed most of his own action and stunts. So with all that combined, I imagine him being a great Iron Man.

The Hulk

I adore Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, he's the perfect actor at the moment for the character. However, I've always pictured the character of Bruce Banner to be a bit younger.

Daniel Radcliffe.

Not only is he familiar to to big budget blockbusters but movies like Horns (one of my favorite movies of 2014) and the Woman In Black have shown Radcliffe's great acting skills. If they were to retell the origin story of the Incredible Hulk today instead of attempting what they did with the Edward Norton movie, I think Radcliffe could have become just as loved as Ruffalo is.

Thor: God of Thunder

This one was a bit harder to cast because it really was difficult to recast Chris Hemsworth's Thor. However I did manage to find one and it's somebody who has risen to become one of my favorite actors.

Karl Urban

I love his performance as Bones in the Star Trek movies, Pathfinder is a very underrated movie, he already pulled off a superhero quite well in Dredd, and hell I loved him in Doom. Almost every movie I listed there are action movies so he can handle that, he's a great actor like all actors I'm putting on this list, and he has a good booming voice for the character. Also look at him in the Lord of the Rings and tell me that that doesn't look like Thor to you.

Now I will be casting someone else and bear with me on this one. Recently in the comics, Thor is now a woman and from what I've read so far, it's not bad. If they just started with the Marvel Universe, then maybe Feige might have xhosen to adapt the Female Thor into a movie. For that role you would need someone who can handle action, is a good actress, and is a lot of fun to watch. I choose...

Kate Beckinsale.

Forgetting the fact that I have a huge crush on her. She's a great action star despise the fact that I think that the Underworld Series is very flawed. She handled her stunts well in those and Total Recall. Kate can act very well as well. If she played Thor, I'd be happy. Again, maybe my crush is getting the better of me.

Captain America

I want this as a poster.
I want this as a poster.

For this role you would need a great actor, he has to be American, and can handle action. Well we already got one Star Trek member on this list so...

Chris Pine

Great actor, best shown in the Star Trek movies and Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit. If he was chosen to be Captain America then I would be cheering. Though we got Chris Evans and that just rocks already but Pine is another great choice.

Black Widow

I'll be honest with you all, when I first saw Scarlett Johansson as Scarlet Witch I was not pleased. She didn't have the Russian accent, she was the size of a pencil, and she seemed like she was there because she's hot. Fortunately, I grew to like her a lot especially in the Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, I do feel there are plenty of choices that could fit the Black Widow and I choose:

Emily Blunt

I know many want her to play as Captain MArvel and while it would be cool to see her as that role, I do think she could pull off Black Widow. Her performance in Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat as some call it) showed both how good she is an actress and action star.


The archer of the group (a class of character that has become quite popular recently) and a very underrated character. While I think Jeremy Renner did a GREAT job, I picture somebody else when I read the comics.

Ewan McGregor.

Truly one of the most underrated actors. I loved him as Obi-Wan, he was the star in Michael Bay's only decent movie the Island, and his performance in the Impossible is my favorite of his. After seeing some of the amazing fighting he did in Star Wars, I think he'd be a perfect choice for Hawkeye.

Finally we leave off with Nick Fury.

Honestly it is really hard to recast this because the comics version was inspired by Samuel L. Jackson so when he is cast as the character, it makes it very hard for me. Here I will be casting both the African-American version of Nick Fury and the original Caucasian Fury. First I choose

Denzel Washington

We all know Denzel Washington can act: Training Day, Philadelphia, and the Taking of Pelhm 123 have shown that. But how is he in terms of action? Well Book of Eli (another personal favorite of mine) and Unstoppable show how he can handle action: pretty well.

As for the Caucasian version, I choose the man known for playing old men with great skills.

Look at him and tell me you don't see the original Nick Fury. He is a great actor as shown in movies like the Grey and even at times in Darkman (I love that movie). His action skills are top notch even is crappy movies like Taken 2 and 3. Normally I prefer the other version of Fury but if this version came tot he big screen, I'd love to see Liam Neeson take that role.

Well I guess that ends it for this fancasting. I had fun seeing all these "What If" scenarios in terms of actors. If you agreed or disagreed with me, let me know in the comments below!


Which of these castings do you like the most?


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