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When television shows are created from a source book, show runners and screenwriters will often take inspiration from the ink splashed on the page. This of course is to cater to fans of the books who wish to see their favorite scenes played out in a live action sequence. However, show runners must also keep a hint of change in their adaptations in order to keep the show fresh and dynamic. The following are a few times that The Walking Dead decided to grace the small screen with some of the most compelling and beautiful scenes taken directly from the books.

Needless to say, there may be some spoilers, so if you are not up to date in either the comic or the show, stop.

1. A cast comparison

A cast comparison.
A cast comparison.

Upon the release of the casting, this image quickly surfaced around the internet showcasing a comparison between fiction and reality. Fans rejoiced as they saw immediately that this was not going to be a half-assed attempt at an on-screen adaptation of an already successful series. This television adaptation meant business and was not going to mess around.

2. Rick Enters Atlanta

With the release of the first episode, many praised the show's ability to capture iconic scenes such as this. Rick's journey into Atlanta was documented flawlessly and was able to recreate the eerie journey up the dead highway into an even dead-er city. Though obviously greenscreened, this would be the first moment that fans would get to see the massive landscape that would loom in the distance, and in the memories of the Survivors for many seasons to come.

3. Shane's Death

Though the show took some liberties with Shane's story arc, allowing him live much longer than his comic counterpart, they respected the death scene quite closely. This was arguably one of the most pivotal deaths on the show that would echo into the future for many more seasons.

4. The Governor

Perhaps one of the finest on-screen representations of a character to date, David Morrissey's Governor was exactly what fans hoped for. Though again, choosing to stretch out his story arc, the Governor was as ruthless, maniacal and dangerous as his on-page counterpart. Morrissey captured the dark, psychologically troubled character and was able to further flesh him out, even making the audience sympathize with him for a few short episodes.

5. The Prison

A true work of onscreen magic, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) set designers were able to almost perfectly replicate the Prison. A pivotal part of the Survivors' lives, the Prison would be a safe haven and a death trap. Having to watch the Prison get destroyed was easily one of the most gut wrenching things in the series to date, as the atmosphere and set became a character itself.

6. The Prison Raid

That being said, the raid on the Prison was a beautifully shot masterpiece. Having the Governor utter his famous line "Kill 'Em All" sent shivers down many viewers' spines. This would be one of the biggest and deadliest battles the series would see, and would have heads literally rolling on the ground. Ou, too soon?

7. When Rick Faces Us

Oh, sooooo close! The moment that Rick looks directly at the reader or camera, you know shit is about to go down. Rick's famous line (shown above) was cut for, well, for no reason at all, c'mon AMC! But still an admirable comparison.

8. Michonne Hanging Up Her Katana

The most recent comes from Michonne as she hangs up her katana in the safety of the Alexandria Safe Zone. There is not much to say about this one, as, well, just look at it! Directly from the panel!

9. "We Are The Walking Dead"


10. The Beard

Does the beard even need to be mentioned? I think so.


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