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Wong Hon Fung

Till now, two Percy Jackson films have been released,and do u think,Logan Lerman will sign up for the next movie,The Titan’s Curse?Some say yes, but others don't.Well,there are some plots.I'll talk about one of them.

In the The Titan’s Curse novel,halfbloods Zoë, Thalia, Grover, Bianca, and Percy (originally Phoebe),to free Artemis from her confinement,but Bianca and Zoe died in the journey.Then,the teenager Luke took the sky from Atlas; Annabeth took the sky from Luke; Artemis took it from Annabeth; Percy took it for Artemis and Artemis forced Atlas,the titan back under the sky.In the end, Zoë after already suffering from being poisoned by the dragon Ladon, was killed by her father Atlas after he tossed her against a wall.

What do u think the plot of The Titan’s Curse be?If u have other suggestions, comment and tell me below.


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