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I want this to be as real as possible, so I am going to imagine that I am a casting director for a movie studio. Marvel just merged with my studio and I am now in charge of re-casting all of their characters. I would love to go with all “A-listers”, but my budget will not allow that. If we are re-casting The Avengers, than the first movie has already taken place as well as the solo films. That means fans know and love these characters. Merely casting a replacement actor would anger fans. They would instantly be compared to the original incarnation. They would be labeled a “rip off” if they tried to imitate what the original actor portrayed. When re-casting a role, the new actor should bring something new to the character and the new incarnation should differ from the original. Since I am making this as real as possible, I also have to take into account the other “universes”. That means no actors who are currently with Fox or DC. Former Sony actors are off the hook and available since Sony is in the process of rebooting their “universe”. Avengers assemble!

-Current Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr.

-Re-casted Iron Man – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

*Reason = Robert Downey Jr. has done a great job with his iteration of Tony Stark. He has portrayed the “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” perfectly. He has charmed audiences with his wit and charisma. He is undoubtedly the toughest actor to replace on this list. I am selecting Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because I want to go in a different direction with Tony Stark. I want this version of Tony Stark to be a borderline alcoholic who is remorseful for all the death and destruction his company’s weapons have caused. I feel as though Joseph Gordon-Levitt can portray those emotions perfectly. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also young enough that he can grow with the “universe”. Since DC Comics is moving slow with their Sandman adaptation, I will snatch him up while I still can.

-Current Captain America – Chris Evans

-Re-casted Captain America – Armie Hammer

*Reason = Chris Evans is a fine Captain America. He appears to be getting better with every movie. The character of Captain America is pretty straight forward though. Not too much new can be done with him. He is an ultra-patriotic soldier. I am re-casting Chris Evans with Armie Hammer. He has the all-American, boy next door looks and he is physically larger than Chris Evans. He will be able to lead the Avengers into battle and look as if he belongs next to the other titans of comics.

-Current Thor – Chris Hemsworth

-Re-casted Thor – Joe Manganiello

*Reason = This current iteration of Thor is a heartthrob. There is nothing wrong with that, but I want my Thor to be a more mature, rugged looking, battle tested warrior. I believe Joe Manganiello can pull that off. He is not a huge name, but since he is being considered for DC Comic’s Deathstroke, I want to snatch him up while I still can. He will do a great job of being a more physical Norse God and it takes another quality actor away from my competition.

-Current Bruce Banner/Hulk – Mark Ruffalo

-Re-casted Bruce Banner/Hulk – Matt Smith

*Reason = I hate to re-cast Hulk yet again, but it must be done. Like the other Bruce Banners/Hulks, we have only seen Mark Ruffalo tackle the role once. He did smash it though. I hate to see him leave, but we will be replacing him with Matt Smith. He is used to playing a hyper-intelligent nerd, so this is right up his alley. He is also smaller than the other Avengers I have casted, so his acting will have to shine through in order to stand out. I believe Matt Smith can do that. This Bruce Banner will be the traditional scrawny, weak, scared scientist. He will be emotionally distraught over all the damage the Hulk has caused.

-Current Black Widow – Scarlett Johansson

-Re-casted Black Widow – Eliza Dushku

*Reason = The character of Black Widow needs to be sexy, deceptive, and a great athlete. Eliza Dushku checks off all of those boxes. She has not had a huge breakout role yet, but I feel as though this could be her big break if given the opportunity. I am not sure how you improve on what Scarlett Johansson has done, so I will mix things up for this version of Black Widow. I will make her an expert hacker that also happens to be a weapons specialist. In my Avengers remake she will be performing more spy oriented activities.

-Current Hawkeye – Jeremy Renner

-Re-casted Hawkeye – Ryan Gosling

*Reason = The current Hawkeye has been underused. He has been a side character with no personality. He is always serious. For the new Hawkeye I want someone who can play the optimist. I want someone who can have fun with the role and bring levity to different situations. For that I am going with Ryan Gosling. He is a great actor who can do anything that is asked of him, as demonstrated by his Oscar nomination. He can play the serious spy/archer or he can play the wise-cracking jokester. He has a huge fan base and his inclusion will add some sex appeal for the ladies.

-Current Nick Fury – Samuel L. Jackson

-Re-casted Nick Fury – Denzel Washington

*Reason = Samuel L. Jackson is a beloved character actor. He has done a great job of portraying Nick Fury. Whoever replaces Samuel L. Jackson will have some big shoes to fill. That is why I am going with Denzel Washington. He can bring the same intensity as Samuel L. Jackson, but he can also incorporate some charisma. Denzel Washington is a little younger than Samuel L. Jackson and is still producing action movies, so we could see some more action scenes from this incarnation as well. Since Nick Fury is the puppet master of the Avengers, the two time Oscar winner will have to have a commanding presence over the entire “universe”.


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