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What if the Avengers were cast with a whole different line up of actors and actresses? Everyone has their own personal opinion on who should have and shouldn't have been cast on the Avengers. Here are who I personally think should have played The Avengers.

Nick Fury - First of all I would start off by saying Samuel Jackson can't be replaced as Nick Fury. But if i had to choose someone to replace Samuel Jackson, who else but Wesley Snipes. And why not? He has played, the half man, half vampire, Blade. So why wouldn't he make a great fit as Nick Fury. He played Blade incredibly and he is a pretty good action star. He would be the closest thing in my mind to Nick Fury, who by the way was sort of based on Samuel Jackson.

Timothy Dugan - So if not Wesley Snipes, then throw away Nick Fury and lets bring back Timothy Dugan aka "Dum Dum Dugan". And who better to play Dum Dum Dugan than Liam Neeson. Neeson has been in his share of sci-fi and action movies over the years. He has played Bryan Mills in the Taken series, Zeus in Wrath of The Titans and Clash of the Titans, Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace (SPOILER! Sucks that he died in the movie), and not to mention countless other good films. Am I the only one who can see Liam Neeson as Dugan?

Captain America - I would choose Ryan Gosling. I would pick him because I could see him being Cap. He was in the movie Drive, which I thought was a good movie. It didn't need all the CGI and backstories. You don't even get his name in the movie, he is just known as Drive. Now imagine how good of a movie he could make with CGI and a great backstory as Captain America himself. And to just add a cherry to the cake women wouldn't mind watching Gosling in a movie so they would go with their husbands/boyfriends to watch a movie with him as Captain America.

Thor - I honestly think Brad Pitt could make a great Thor. He has been in numerous action films such as Mr and Mrs Smith, World War Z, Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds, and who could even forget how great he was in Troy. He played a great Achilles. Easily hands down one of the best fighting movies. He could pull off the Achilles long blonde hair look again as Thor. The resemblance is stunning.

Hawkeye - Josh Duhamel would be a great Hawkeye. You may remember him as Captain William Lennox in the first three Transformers movies. He just looks like he could play a superhero and Hawkeye would have been a perfect role for him. He is known for the Transformers movies which used CGI, so another Sci-Fi movie with this actor would fit perfect. Also wouldn't you think they kind of look alike?

Black Widow - I would go with Dianna Agron to be Black Widow. She played Sarah in the Sci-Fi movie I Am Number Four and Alice in the horror/thriller The Hunters. I think she is an underrated actress with tons of potential and playing Black Widow would be a huge turn for her career.

Hulk - I think Ewan McGregor would be a perfect Bruce Banner. He has that intelligent look to pull off the very intelligent Bruce Banner. You may know McGregor from the Star Wars Trilogy parts 1-3. He played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Trilogy. He was also in the film Black Hawk Down where he played Grimes and also known for Jack The Giant Slayer where he played Elmont. I think he would make a great Bruce Banner and Hulk after the CGI effects.

Iron Man - I can see the great Keanu Reeves playing Tony Stark. He is a great actor who has played many roles throughout the years. He was able to pull a great performance in 47 Ronin, and the last battle against the dragon could not have been any better. It is hard to act that convincing with nothing there, the CGI is what makes the movies look great. He played Neo in the Matrix movies too. Which if you haven't seen, you must. He could pull of the playboy genius Tony Stark look, and would make a convincing Iron Man. I can see the resemblance between Tony Stark and Keanu Reeves.

Now time to throw in the new characters.

Quicksilver - I would give the Quicksilver role to Jake Abel. Abel was in the Percy Jackson films as Luke and he's also played Mark in the movie I Am Number Four. Also if Dianna Agron was cast as Blackwidow it would give him another opportunity to work with the actress, as they were both in the movie I Am Number Four. Also Quicksilver is against the Avengers in the previews but I am positive he will have a change of heart. Jake Abel can play the part of villain turned hero. I also think he looks like Quicksilver in a way.

Scarlett Witch - I think Olivia Wilde could be a great Scarlett Witch. She has that beautiful yet evil look to her, since Scarlett Witch is also going against the Avengers in the upcoming movie. Also the movie Lazurus Effect she plays the demonic Zoe after being revived. Think she will be a great Scarlett Witch.

Spiderman - Wildcard thrown out her but I would go with Miles Teller as Peter Parker. He has that nerdy look to him that is Peter Parker. I mean come on who would believe Andrew Garfield was a nerd and couldn't get girls and picked on. Now with Miles Teller as Peter Parker he would bring a whole new life to Spiderman which is why he is the wildcard.

Thanks for your time, leave your comments below and thanks for reading.


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