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Just a couple of days ago we looked at what was said at the Paleyfest Arrow panel, fairly in depth, and I also hinted at what could be seen in the promo they released there. Luckily, Warner Bros. has officially released that sizzle reel, in all of its amazing glory, for me to go in depth in with you. Let's start. Here's the actual trailer- rewatch it thirty times if you like. I at least tripled that!

Ra's al Ghul is still very much in play

You may have thought that after Ra's' shocking offer at the end of Nanda Parbat that his threat was neutralized, and, in a funny way, Oliver has the means to do just that by accepting the offer, which Amell himself says actually holds "great appeal" to Oliver. Whatever the case, expect Ra's to have more of a heavy presence in upcoming episodes, not less.

Merlyn is also rescued - but he's not looking too good.

It's interesting that Ra's has let Merlyn go - he must be parting on very good terms with Oliver if that's the case. All the same, his torture has left him in a pretty bad place, and I wouldn't expect to see him suiting up for a few episodes at least. That said, we can almost be certain he will play into a final confrontation with Ra's, and continue to manipulate Oliver behind the scenes in all new ways.

Also in the trailer we see Thea standing over Merlyn with a knife ready to kill, which will - assuming she doesn't actually stab him - take their relationship to an even more turbulent place (which is certainly saying something, given where they are at the moment).

The flashbacks will continue to get more intense

Thought the flashbacks were going to get tamer, even after Oliver and Maseo's apparent success with the Alpha and Omega? Think again. With the revelation that Amanda Waller sent the men to kill Maseo's family and Oliver in the flashbacks of Nanda Parbat, which left Tatsu and Maseo separated from Oliver and their son (Akio) - at the point in the trailer above, Oliver seems to be reconciled with Tatsu, though I can't say for certain if it's her.

It's worth saying on the note of Akio that we know someone is going to die in upcoming episodes, and given he's absent in the present, and something tears Tatsu and Maseo apart, I'm fairly sure - sadly - he will die soon. We know, at least we're saying goodbye to someone.

Towards the end of the trailer you can see Oliver (clearly from the flashbacks - was it the hair or the beanie that gave it away?) standing off at gunpoint with this, from the looks of it, badly wounded woman. I can't say for sure who it is, but she seems to resemble Amanda Waller - but that's really just speculation. Of course, Waller is definitely going to play a big part in the flashbacks here, given she's actively hunting Oliver and Maseo - or at least they think she is.

And, yes - that IS Shado, played by Celina Jade!

Shado died in episode 9 of Season 2, though we've seen her pop up a few times since then, manipulating Slade as a hallucination. However, she hasn't been in Season 3 at all. For those of you who know your Green Arrow lore, you'll know Shado is an important villain who does some pretty bad stuff to him. While this is clearly set in flashbacks, many have noted the color of her clothes, and her alleged resurrection - some have said this could be [Arrow](series:720988)'s version of the "White Canary," if they opted to bring in that relatively new villain.

That said, don't be so sure it's actually Shado. It could be a twin, a clone, a hallucination, any number of things - but at this point in time, Oliver is very sure that Shado is dead in the present day. Celina Jade on her Twitter continues to be cryptic, but she has confirmed that she will be in the series as above - and Oliver does call her by name in the trailer.

The Suicide Squad's back!

Michael Rowe will be reprising his role as Deadshot for Suicidal Tendencies, which will see Diggle and Lyla married, The Arrow vs. The Atom, and Suicide Squad Shenanigans. Also joining the Squad with the three Squad members just mentioned is none other than:

That's right, Amy Gumenick's Cupid, from Draw Back Your Bow, which was hinted at way back then! Remember, Cupid was ex special forces, and, while she may be a bit crazy, that's more of a criteria for the Squad than something which could see her excluded.

And yes, Deadshot will be in full gear for this episode, which we haven't seen in some time. Indeed, I could be wrong, but he might actually have the same gear, I think it's been since Season 1, Episode 20, despite the fact its his costume on action figures and more! Still looks awesome, either way.

The Arrow vs. The Atom!

Yes, Ray Palmer will know fairly soon that Oliver Queen is the Arrow, though he doesn't seem to know his full team's identity, given how he approaches Felicity with this - again, that's just speculation.

In his fight with Oliver - which will occur in 'Suicidal Tendencies' - he'll be really showing off his suit's weaponry, and it's been confirmed Roy will be present at the fight. For those of you complaining that he hasn't shrunk yet, his suit is far from perfect - remember, he wants to shrink down a lot of stuff, and his suit contains things such as nanites or materials from a dwarf star. When he heads to The Flash, I think you can potentially expect some shrinking.

The police are after Team Arrow!

These shots are almost certainly from 'Public Enemy,' which we've been looking at for a looong time now. It's hugely anticipated. What seems to be here is a League of Assassins member on the side, and a police helicopter spotlighting the team.

...and the police sure aren't holding back in the force they're willing to use.

What will also make you very happy about this episode, particularly if you're a Green Arrow or superhero fan, is that all three members of the team will be fighting in costume together - something we're yet to see.

For what will be almost assuredly a long sequence will be the police hunting the Arrow, and, as those who saw the footage in action being shot in Vancouver can tell you, they're going all out with the stunts and the number of police cars being used. Team Arrow are under a lot of pressure. Despite heavy speculation that one of the above three might die, this episode will all come before that, so you can count on it being awesome even if one of them does.

We FINALLY know what Arrow vs. Arrow is about.

In what appears to be a group fight, we see the choreography that Stephen Amell teased ages ago of Arrow vs. Arrow, but Arsenal and one other also seem to be involved. You can kind of make him out in this picture, and the clang of his escrima rods is easily heard.

This is, as you can see, almost identical to the picture Stephen posted. And who's underneath the hood?

...someone we don't know. My guess, though, given his formidable fighting style, and the apparent turning of the police against Oliver, is that he's part of the plan by Ra's to bring down the Arrow, and as such is an assassin.

Ra's has kidnapped Lance, but why?

The thing is, Ra's seems to be working with Lance here. He says "you hunt the man they call the Arrow" which, oddly, given I thought Ra's might manipulate him, suggests Lance is already going after the vigilante. I think Ra's will hone those thoughts, give him something to work with, potentially leading to this SHOCKING scene in the trailer, where we find out that -

Yes, Lance know's the Arrow's identity!

It's shocking, after Quentin's really helped the team, he would turn, but given Sara's death, Laurel lying to him, and him "turning his back" on the Arrow, this all seems to add up pretty well. Combined with his monologue to Oliver as the trailer finishes and it's a fairly safe bet that Lance is against them. Could this, however, turn out all to be a ruse? We don't know, but we do know Lance will be on The Flash soon, too.

Which will inevitably lead to this scene. Fans who have seen set photos know what's going on in this scene, but only click if you want spoilers, please. And when he targets the team, that means the whole team - including his own daughter.

Thea and Roy seem to be rekindling their romance...

As was hilariously hinted at by Colton Haynes and Willa Holland in the panel, yes, these two will be getting back together after nearly a season apart.

Meeting some new villains - Murmur and Deathbolt!

Beyond just the obvious Ra's and Nyssa - who appears to be trying to kill him, in the above photo. Why? Well, isn't she the Heir to the Demon, not Oliver?

This is Adrian Glynn as Murmur, a gang leader who's had his mouth sewn shut, promising to be a very intimidating villain in some "amazing" action sequences. He's the first minor comic villain in a fair while to get Arrow-fied, and he looks to be done brilliantly. He'll be in this week's 'The Offer.' Writer Brian Ford Sullivan teases him as perhaps "the creepiest villain we've ever done on Arrow," and he sure looks the part! That's some amazing makeup work there, he looks terrifying!

The one above grabbing Felicity is Doug Jones as Deathbolt, who we'll meet in Broken Arrow. Significantly, he's Arrow's first metahuman villain, the first to ever appear on the show in a villainous role. Don't panic, Felicity fans - the Atom seems to fight him off in the trailer afterwards. As for other villains, I would say the Squad will have its own mission in Episode 17, and the police will be the enemy in Episode 18 - and that's as far as this trailer goes.

Also of note here, while it's not in the trailer, in this set of episodes we'll learn a lot about the history of Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins, either through Ra's himself or through the gang snooping around.

And that's that for my incredibly long breakdown! Amazing trailer, I know, and I can't wait for the next few episodes - if you want more, I have a Flash trailer breakdown here, just as exhaustively done! Don't miss Arrow returning this week, with 'The Offer,' featuring Murmur and Ra's al Ghul.


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