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When The Flash's cast appeared at Paleyfest in a panel together they had a lot to say, without really giving away anything huge. The promo beforehand was unavailable on the internet, so I couldn't break it all down for you, even if I went over the stuff in the panel (which has a fair bit of cool stuff in it too!) - that is, until now. Watch that sizzle reel in all of its glory, be amazed, watch again, and then read this breakdown I've put together for you.

"Show me the future." (Cue epic music/breakdown).

Barry confronts Wells...with a gun?

Or at least that's how the trailer frames it. Bear in mind, though, all three shots - Wells talking to someone, Barry saying "do you" and Barry with a gun - all seem to be in different places. That's just a clever illustration of how those trailers can play with us. Whatever the case, that's Barry - the coat and jeans as part of his default 'alter ego costume' give it away. (Or at least I sure hope no one else has decided to put on a blazer like that).

Felicity is back....

As played wonderfully by Emily Bett Rickards, we'll see her pop up again in Episode 18, titled 'All Star Team Up.'

...and she's brought company!

Who, if you watch Arrow, comes in the form of the charismatic genius who is impossible to truly dislike, Ray Palmer - better known, probably by this point, as the Atom, starting out his superhero days!

He'll ask Cisco for some help tinkering with his suit, making some 'final adjustments,' as you can see here. If you're a fan of Atom's shrinking powers, that should excite you. I can't say for certain by any means, but with the Atom getting his own show, and his suit yet to shrink, this may be the first time we see the Atom shrink! In Marc Guggenheim's words, "if the Atom does any shrinking, it'll be on The Flash." Following that was his change in heart regarding metahumans on Arrow, which makes me fairly confident we'll see him shrink very soon.

If you don't watch Arrow but you're a Flash fan, get used to seeing Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer- along with Firestorm, the Canary, and three other heroes, he'll be getting his own spinoff at the end of the year, a "love letter" to team up movies featuring a superhero team! Speaking of Canaries...

Laurel Lance will be on The Flash!

Where she'll reveal to Cisco that she knows Barry's identity, and give away her own - The Black Canary! And, as with any fans of her, Cisco goes on to say how much he loves her. It's interesting because, if I know my Arrow and Flash police interview rooms - and, not to brag, but I know my Arrow and Flash police interview rooms - they're actually in the Starling City police headquarters. It's possible they're just reusing the set, but part of The Flash - this could be Episode 19 or 20 - might take place in Starling.

Whether or not we'll see her suit up or not is unclear at this point, and I think it'll largely depend on whether she's just having a cameo or she's actually working with the team for a bit. Some fans are hopeful this is when she gets her "Canary Cry" from the comics, but I wouldn't be too hopeful.

Captain Cold knows Barry's the Flash?

Or at least, that's what this scene between the two seems to suggest. My own theory? Maybe he just finds out, which is entirely possible, or this actually takes place in an alternate timeline of some sorts, but I think that's doubtful. Whatever the case, Barry taking off his mask and the pair talking reveals he knows The Flash's identity. (I had to choose the photo above for the pale moonlight. Are they gonna dance? No? Not getting the reference? Okay...)

The Rogues are teaming up properly!

While this was revealed in the 'Villains Look Ahead' trailer, and we knew it was going to happen anyway, this shot shows both Lisa and Leonard Snart also riding behind Rory's fire shooting, working as a team.

Weather Wizard has some huge power this time!

And by that I mean tsunami controlling huge. Clyde Mardon had a few tornado-y tricks, sure- but Mark Mardon is the real deal.

Liam McIntyre's incarnation of Mark Mardon - who, for those who don't know the source material, is the regular Weather Wizard, not his brother, who we saw in the pilot - seems to have all of his weather powers, from summoning lightning and manipulating water to creating clouds.

Which isn't looking like it's going to be doing poor old Captain Singh any favors. A clip from this week's 'Out of Time,' which features the Weather Wizard, has been released, and gives us our first look at Mcintyre in action as Mardon, properly. He has a real gravitas and menace. Enjoy!

Also, if the below picture from the end of the trailer is anything to go by, we'll get a look back to that fateful night of the Accelerator explosion and see how this Mardon survived.

Mark Hamill's Trickster is 100% awesome!

Which is to be expected, of course! But seriously, when he says "The fun's about to begin" and "run, run, run run!" it's in his amazing Joker voice, which makes any fan of his voice work incredibly happy, without a doubt. There's no footage of the younger Trickster who he'll team up with in this trailer, though you can see that all in this one. The pair will be in the appropriately named Episode 17, 'Tricksters.'

It's Grodd vs. West in the sewers...

And there's no help here, Grodd says. The Flash panel revealed that Grodd will also feature in the second half of the season, though whether or not he'll be a main villain or a continued lurking threat is yet to be seen.

Nice little nod to Cisco's "Vibe" persona?

While the panel following the trailer revealed that Cisco and Caitlin, for this season at least, are off limits in terms of powers, the above is a nice little reference to Cisco's comic alter ego, Vibe's, glasses/goggles, which have the same gold lenses and occasionally a touch of green.

Eddie Thawne's got a dark side to him...

The name "Thawne" to any Flash fan evokes thoughts of villainy, but thus far he's been fairly friendly, nothing evil suggested about him. That all looks set to change, though, as jealousy at Barry and Iris begins to creep in...

And then this happens, and everyone freaks out. Shooting police?! With that smirk on his face? Oh, Eddie, where'd it all go wrong? Rick Cosnett, who plays Thawne, says he has an "amazing arc for the rest of the season," and it sure looks like it. He's also teased secrets with Harrison Wells' Tom Cavanagh, and producers have teased the name Thawne's connections to the Reverse Flash will "pay off in a big way" by the end of this season.

What's Wells up to?

Speaking of Reverse Flashes, what about this one? His endgame remains a mystery to us, but this week's 'Out of Time' will show us that he can indeed split himself into two - Cisco's going to do some digging back to the night they captured the Reverse Flash in 'The Man in the Yellow Suit.'

So the above may just be footage, if not the real man, but the team at this point are all certainly beginning to suspect Wells. That said, he's still with them in the photos for Episode 18, so they can't have anything overly solid against him. We will, however, learn a lot more about the man in episodes to come, with Tom Cavanagh teasing "there's your typical, mustache-twirling villain," and going on to explain Wells may be as much tragic as he is villainous.

It's the ultimate detective team up!

Because yes, that is everybody's favorite Detective (Captain) Lance working with Joe and Cisco, likely in Episode 20, which may be when his daughter, Laurel, factors in too. But what exactly have they found?

But who have they dug up? West says, "If this is who I think it is, anyone who knows about this is in a hell of a lot of danger." Fan theories are raging from a younger version of Barry, to it being a second Reverse Flash - now that both Eddie and Harrison seem to have gone evil. Anyway, Detective Lance and Joe West are teaming up! We've wanted this since the crossover and even before that!

Somebody's got Barry...

Is it Iris' boss/partner, Mason, who is seen in the shot afterwards? Perhaps, but, whoever it is, they're about to get absolutely smashed by the Reverse Flash.

Eiling's back...and looking a tad ghostly.

It's possible Grodd didn't kill him, or perhaps this is a reanimated version of Eiling, moving closer to his monstrous comic counterpart, The General - as if he wasn't already the most dislikable (played amazingly by Clancy Brown) guy on the show, he might have powers now.

Emily Kinney is the Bug Eyed Bandit!

Also appearing in Episode 18, this typical Atom villain is also getting a massive redo - that is, she's no longer a male with a villainous mustache, but a female hacker who is the "nemesis" of Felicity Smoak. You'll know Emily best from The Walking Dead - but, now, she's a Flash villain!

Who is this guy? Your guess is as good as mine.

He's puzzled the internet, but we know he's from the episode they've just wrapped. Popular candidates range from the Guardian, right down to Doctor Alchemy - other candidates are a HIVE soldier, who are set to appear in Arrow, having been mentioned a while ago. Speculate for me!

Wait, that's two Flashes fighting?

If you're familiar with Flashpoint, you'll know that having two Flashes is not an uncommon thing, and in that earlier trailer I linked to before, we saw the two racing each other in a tunnel of light, two versions from two different times fighting. We may be seeing that above. Whatever the case...

...the real endgame is almost here.

I've also done a big Arrow breakdown for its trailer - both of these took me a couple of hours, but I hope you found them useful! Don't miss when The Flash returns TODAY with the brand new "Out of Time," featuring Cisco investigating Doctor Wells, and the debut of Liam Mcintyre's Weather Wizard - plus, a final five minutes which will change history, offering us our first look at time travel!


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