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When the phenomenal Emma Watson was cast in the role of Belle in the live-action Beauty & The Beast, that was already reason enough to get us to pre-order our tickets. Yet, Disney continues to add impressive names to the cast list, confirming Luke Evans as the obnoxious Gaston, Josh Gad as his idiotic sidekick Le Fou, and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

And now, a further addition has been announced to form a part of the star-studded cast, with another Emma moving into the castle.

Stepping into the part famously sung by Angela Lansbury in the original animation, Emma Thompson has been cast as Mrs. Potts!

As a very big fan of Thompson, I am overjoyed with Disney's choice and think they made the best decision possible in casting the British actress as the motherly housekeeper-turned-teapot. More importantly however, the casting is a big nod to Harry Potter fans as it will mean the reunion of tea-leaf-reading Professor Trelawney and Hermione Granger.

And if this wasn't awesome enough, here's another 10 reasons why Thompson is the perfect fit for the cherished role:

1. Thompson goes way back with Lansbury, the original Mrs. Potts

They worked together on the children's book adaptation of Nanny McPhee so Lansbury will be sure to give her friend tips on reprising the steaming teapot.

2. She's already got the "here is my handle, here is my spout" teapot moves down

Not much more practice is needed.

3. She's totally ready to bust out those moves

"Be our guest! Be our guest!"

4. She's wonderful at facial expressions

Always important for an actor, I'm sure you'll agree.

5. She is used to wearing prosthetics as part of her character

The transformation into a teapot is sure to require a heavy portion of costume design. But Thompson won't mind, because she is so used to sitting in the make-up artists' seat for hours anyway!

6. She cares deeply and can express severe emotion

A motherly figure on set and on screen is always crucial.

7. She is also brutally honest

Thompson is no stranger to dealing with beastly creatures due to her part in Harry Potter. This means that she'll be totally comfortable with putting the Beast back in his place when he gets into one of his moods.

8. She has a wonderful voice

She is currently singing on Broadway in Sweeney Todd so will be all warmed up for her rendition of "Tale As Old As Time."

9. She is as over-the-moon as we are for getting the role

Just as she should be.

10. And finally, she is just awesome in every single way!

If you weren't convinced before, I really do hope you are now!

Kevin Kline also joins the cast as Maurice

The Wild Wild West actor has also been confirmed to play Belle's bumbling inventor father, Maurice. The 67-year-old perfectly fits the bill, especially if he maintains that phenomenal mustache for the role.

This is shaping up to be a fantastic star-studded success story indeed.

But just who will be cast as Chip, Lumière, and Cogsworth to complete the residents of the castle?

Let me know your suggestions in the comments below!

Disney has penciled in a release date

According to Disney, the colossal project is set to be ready for us on March 17, 2017. That's just over two years from now! How are we ever going to cope in the meantime?

Although this seems like an age away, it is totally understandable why we will have to put up with the wait. A statement claimed that:

"The beloved tale will be retold for the big screen with a modern live-action lens and the help of transformative CG magic."

Enchanting CG effects will undoubtedly take a while to perfect, but I am certain that it will all be worth it in the end!

Alongside this, we have been informed that filming is set to begin in London this May with Oscar-winning composed Alan Menken working on the 1991 movie's original songs, alongside a selection of fresh material written by himself and Sir Tim Rice.



What do you think of the new additions to the cast?



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