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Out of all the scary things depicted in horror movies, none of them terrify me more than that of demonic possession. The idea that a deplorable paranormal beast could inhabit me at any given time of its choosing and wreck havoc with my life and my loved ones gives me the shivers. The hairs on the back of my neck are going crazy just thinking about it!

Luckily for me, neither I nor anybody I know has been dealt this disturbing hand. But not everybody has been so lucky. Throughout history, there have been hundreds, possibly thousands, of stories reporting apparent demonic "possessions." Here are 5 of the most convincing ones out there.

Scroll down for 5 terrifyingly true possession stories and a video of a recent demonic attack caught on camera in Canada!

1. Clara Germana Cele strangled a priest!

Clara German Cele was a christian missionary in South Africa during the early 1900s. According to historical documents, Clara prayed to the devil in an attempt to make a pact with it. Days later she was overtaken by strange impulses.

Her fellow missionaries reported that, in the days following the apparent pact, she physically recoiled at the sight of religious artifacts like crucifixes. She also gained the ability to speak several languages and she seemed to become clairvoyant regarding the thoughts and histories of the people around her.

As her 'condition' worsened, the nuns who were keeping Cele under observation reported that she started to make excruciating, animalistic sounds; and even at one point levitated up to five feet in the air.

Attempts to exorcise the spirit were aborted when Cele tried to strangle one of the priests!

What do you think?


Was Clara Germana Cele possessed by an evil spirit.

2. Anneliese Michel... the worst case in history?

The story of Anneliese Michel is perhaps the most notorious paranormal possession of all time. It was even used for the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It never gets any less terrifying, though.

Sixteen year-old Anneliese had suffered terribly throughout her life with epilepsy and mental illness. However, in 1973, things became a little bit disturbing. She become suicidal, chastised all religious artifacts, drank her own urine, and began to hear other-worldly voices.

Listen to the incredible audio of Anneliese Michel being exorcised!

She ended up undergoing as many as seventy exorcisms. She refused to eat, and believed herself to be a martyr for the devil. She later died of emaciation and starvation.

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Was Anneliese Michel possessed by an evil spirit?

3. The notorious 'Roland Doe'

Possessed (2000)
Possessed (2000)

The story of Roland Doe is so chilling that it became the basis for the smash-hit novel and horror movie The Exorcist!

In the late 1940s Doe's aunt apparently introduced him to ouija boards, a well-known device for contacting the dead. After his aunt died, Roland then attempted to contact her using said board. That's when all the weird shit started happening.

It started with strange sounds, reportedly dripping water, that no one could fathom. Eventually, religious artifacts began to catapult and reverberate around the rooms of his family home. Unexplained footsteps. Scratches appeared on the boy's body, including words that seemed to have been carved into his flesh. He spoke in tongues and levitated in the air, his body convulsing in pain.

When Doe was finally exorcised, witnesses described a sulfuric smell which lingered for days afterwards.

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Was Roland Doe possessed by an evil spirit?

4. The case of "Julia" ruined the life of a certified psychiatrist

Demons (1985)
Demons (1985)

In 2008, Dr. Richard E. Gallagher, a certified psychiatrist and associate professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College, described what he believed to be a case of demonic possession.

He witness, first-hand, Julia levitating, speaking in tongues, and knowing things about people around her that she could not possibly have known.

Here's what he said about her,

Periodically, in our presence, Julia would go into a trance state of a recurring nature. Mentally troubled individuals often ‘dissociate,' but Julia's trances were accompanied by an unusual phenomenon: Out of her mouth would come various threats, taunts and scatological language, phrases like ‘Leave her alone, you idiot,' ‘She's ours,' ‘Leave, you imbecile priest,' or just ‘Leave.' The tone of this voice differed markedly from Julia's own, and it varied, sometimes sounding guttural and vaguely masculine, at other points high pitched. Most of her comments during these ‘trances,' or at the subsequent exorcisms, displayed a marked contempt for anything religious or sacred.”

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Was "Julia" possessed by an evil spirit?

5. Michael Taylor and the brutal murder

Michael Taylor and his wife, Christine, lived in a small town called Osset, near Wakefield in the north of England.

The pair were deeply religious and just before the mysterious happenings began, Christine suspected Michael was having an affair with the local church leader. Michael disputed her accusations but began to act incredibly weird. He was erratic, out-of-character, and spewing obscenities to himself.

Months later, his condition was worsening. Spiritual leaders were drafted in to perform an exorcism. It failed. He brutally murdered his wife and their pet dog. He was found wandering the streets covered in blood.

What do you think?


Was Michael Taylor possessed by an evil spirit?

And more recently...

In May of last year, a video surfaced online purporting to show a possessed woman attacking a man on a Canadian subway train.

She can be seen convulsing and making strange sounds before leaning over and planting a sucker punch on the guy sitting next to her. His reaction is less than dignified and it's not yet known whether the woman was actually possessed, but either way, it's some scary stuff!

Take a look below

Do you know anybody that claims to have been possessed? Have you seen anybody acting like they're possessed? Get in touch below.

Are 'possessions' real phenomena?



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