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It's been 15 years since the release of teen horror Final Destination.

You know the movie. It's the one where everyone thinks they cheat death, but then death comes and kills them all.

Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) freaks out on a plane and gets off his flight, followed by some classmates, before the plane explodes, meaning they all cheat death. Death, not wanting to be cheated, comes after them in the order they would have died on the plane. There are car crashes, accidental strangulation in a bathtub, and a pretty bad accident with a kitchen knife, among other things.

Then it all sort of dies down (sorry) and everyone who is still alive is really happy, so they go to Paris to celebrate, and then the big finale happens when a huge neon sign comes crashing down, and leaves us all knowing that death was just waiting, and they hadn't cheated it at all.

Basically, death wins.

So what have the original cast been doing since getting off Flight 180?

Let's take a look in the order they all died in the movie.

Chad Donella as Tod Waggner

Donella plays the main character Alex's best friend, Tod Waggner. He survived the crash only to meet a gruesome end when death came for him in the form of water from his toilet.

As the water approaches, he trims his nose hair, making us think he is about to stab his brain, he plugs in the radio so we think he might be electrocuted. But then Todd slips into his bath where a washing line wraps around his throat choking him, leading everyone to believe he committed suicide after the death of his brother, who was killed on Flight 180.

Nice side note: When Tod plugs in the radio, John Denver is playing. Denver famously died in a plane crash.

Since the film Chad has had a few parts on television including a small part in Lost.

He also had a part in the film Saw 3 in 3D.

Amanda Detmer as Terry Chaney

Detmer plays Terry Chaney, the cheerleader girlfriend of angry boy Carter.

Leaving the plane after Carter gets into a fight with Alex (more on these guys later) Terry is next in line to feel death's wrath and gets hit by a bus.

Afterwards, Amanda co-starred in You, Me and Dupree in 2006, playing Annie, a controlling girlfriend.

She has also had several television roles, including Private Practice, The Vampire Diaries and Two and a Half Men.

Kristen Cloke as Valerie Lewton

Teacher Valerie Lewton meets a terribly gruesome end when everything seems to go wrong around the house. Whatever could go wrong does go wrong. And even though Alex tries to come to help her, her house then explodes. Death gets her good!

Another side note: Valerie is also listening to John Denver before she meets her grisly demise!

Kristen has since had small parts on TV and was also an Artistic Director at the The Alliance Repertory Company in California.

Seann William Scott as Billy Hitchcock

Nerd Billy is played by successful comedic actor Seann William Scott, who shot to fame playing Stifler in American Pie.

Poor Billy gets decapitated after Carter drives his car onto the railway tracks. After escaping the car, it's hit by a train and a piece of debris goes flying, hitting poor Billy in the neck, cutting his head off.

Seann has since enjoyed a lot of success in films, starring in American Pie 2, American Wedding and has a hilarious Cameo role in Old School.

Kerr Smith as Jock Carter

After thinking he has cheated death, Jock Carter joins Clear and Alex on a trip to Paris to celebrate, only to be whacked by the huge neon sign which ends the film. Alex and Clear are the only surviving members of the gang...for now.

Fun fact: The sign that hits Carter shows the number 180, the same number of the flight he was meant to die on.

After Final Destination, Kerr went on to play the role of Jack McPhee in the hugely popular Dawson's Creek. He played Jack from the second season until the show's end when it finished after six years in 2003.

He has guest starred as a serial killer on NCIS and now plays Robert Quinn in The Fosters.

Devon Sawa as Alex Browning

Originally rising to fame for playing the real Casper, when he drinks the potion and dances with Christina Ricci, for like, a minute, Devon got his big break with Final Destination.

Alex is the sixth person to die from flight 180. He becomes a recluse and when he finally goes outside after 3 months to talk to Clear, a brick dislodges from a roof which falls on his head killing him. However, this isn't shown in the film. It is shown as a newspaper clipping.

Cool fact: At the end of the film, Alex spills red wine on his drawing of flight 180, which spreads over the seats, looking like blood, and covers the seats of all the victims.

Devon has since enjoyed a long term role in crime drama Nikita as Owen Elliot and has recently filmed horror film The Exorcism of Molly Hartley. He will also star alongside John Travolta in Life on the Line, both movies are set for release this year.

Ali Larter as Clear Rivers

The love interest to Alex, Clear is the only member to survive flight 180, in the first film anyway. In the second film Clear dies in a fire in a hospital, becoming the seventh victim out of the original survivors.

Not to say she doesn't have her fair share of action and near-misses. Clear manages to escape a live electrical wire, climbing up her house; she then gets in the house and all the electrics blow, along with lots of other stuff.

As well as reprising her role as Clear for Final Destination 2, Ali Larter also starred in hugely successful Legally Blonde alongside Reece Witherspoon, and kicked undead ass in the Resident Evil series.

She has appeared in lots of men's magazines including Maxim and now has a lead role in drama series Legends, for which a 10 episode season is due later this year.

And as I said earlier, Alex dies in the second one, so it seems there's no happy ending for the victims of Flight 180, but at least we know the actors are ok.

Here is also a fun clip of an alternative ending, where Alex dies saving Clear:


Which ending do you think is best?


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