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Small note: Please don't just look at the actors and heroes, but actually read my reasons, they explain a lot. And don't forget to leave me your opinion in the comments.

  • So, we already know that our three favourite Avengers are going to hang off their cape, after Infinity War(Thor, Iron Man and Cap). And surely the others will go in the years to come. But who could replace them? This is who and why I would pick to be the Avengers for the next generations.


Ok, so I'll start with the hardest one to replace. RDJ has made Iron Man an icon, and if I could make somebody immortal that would be him, but only so that he can stay to be Iron Man forever. But unfortunately that is not the case so my top pick is:

Colin Farrell

Look at dat beard
Look at dat beard

Why? Well first of all he can do a Stark beard. Second, he is a very good action star(Source code,Phone booth, he was even a god part of Daredevil as Bullseye). And he has proven himself to be a badass who can deliver some laughs which is what we need Tony Stark to be and maybe later he could show us a new side of Iron Man, but for now we all just want a little bit of the RDJ swag. And I know that he is not that young but he can be Iron Man untill 2026(that is when he turns fifty) and the fact that he is older makes more sense because superheroes shouldn't be replaced by much younger actors. I actually wanted Arrow star Robbie Amell to play him but then I realised that if I saw him playing Iron Man after RDJ leaves, I would be like wtf why is Tony so young?? And it just doesn't make sense to give young actors the roles, if the character is already established as a thirty something grown man! Amell could totally play Iron Man, but in the 2030s, and now I'm talking about the replacements for the current actors.

☆Bonus pick: (if changes to the character can be made): Yup, it would be Robbie Amell rocking the suit of armour as a youngish Tony Stark.


At first when Norton was replaced I was not very happy about Mark taking his place. I thought that Banner should be a scared skinny man who is haunted by his own demon. But Ruffalo has show another, funny and intelligent side of the Hulk, which I like more now, and for somebody who can keep the Hulk mood that he stated I would choose:

Zachary Quinto

Embrace the glasses, Zachary
Embrace the glasses, Zachary

Aand now for the why? Well he is already a nerd icon as the, now unfortunately, one and only mister Spock. In ST: Into darkness he did a really great performance as Spock and that makes me feel like he could bring a good performance of Banner fighting himself to the big screen. And I do see him getting a hulk solo movie, but Ruffalo is now marked as a team player.

☆Bonus pick: Adrien Brody as the socially awkward Banner who is always running from the goverment.


Without Wonder Woman films superheroines didn't seem to be in any kind of developement on the big screen. But then in Iron Man 2 we saw a bad ass woman who had style, sass and she didn't need a prince in a gold-red armour to save her. Scarlett Johansson made superheroines cool on the big screen, and gave moviemakers confidence to make Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman which will hit our cinemas this decade. So this is my new black widow:

Jessica Biel

She could even be a female hawkeye
She could even be a female hawkeye

Why? Well she has the action acting skills to portray a female superhero, as she showed us in Blade 3. And she has a good body like Scarlett Jo. She could represent the beauty and the beast all-in-one like Scarlett did, and be a symbol for fangirls around the world.

☆Bonus round: Jennifer Lawrence as Yelena Belova


Thanks to Chris, Thor is now known around the world, and is kind of the sexiest man alive(since Hemsworth is). But who else could be (hems)worthy to pick up the hammer?

Bradley Cooper

He can do the hair and the beard
He can do the hair and the beard

A 4-time Oscar nominee is definitley worthy to be Thor. He can grow a nice beard, he is muscular and he can surely pull off the Norse accent with his skills. And although Thor is cool in the movies I am not that much attached to him, and I think that Bradley can make him more relatable to the audience.

☆Bonus pick: Cameron Diaz(who can pull off the muscular hot chick look) as the new female Thor.


The sentinel of liberty, he is the American symbol and playing him is no joke. The actor doesn't have to be rigged with muscles, but has to have a face that You can trust, that you can believe in. Evans has that innocent face, and has made Captain America cool in TWS. He is a relatable guy who is out of his time and just wants to fit in a world he no longer understands. My best choice is:

Channing Tatum

He has the strong jaw to be the symbol under the mask, and a trusty face. He is also in a great physique and will fill the costume. He was amazing in Foxcatcher, and a performance like that is what i want from Evans in Civil War. He looks younger, but in fact he is 1 year older than Chris, so he can actually play the role much longer because of his young look. He can be the symbol of hope and justice and bring the action to the screen like we want it to be.

☆Bonus pick: Harrison Ford as the new, aged Cap.


This is the one I want to recast the most. Don't get me wrong Renner is one of my favorite actors(the hurt locker), but Hawkeye is one of my favorite heroes of all time. So I hate what Avengers did to him, I mean he only has about 20 minutes in the whole MCU so far. I know that he will have a bigger role in the sequel, but he will still stay just the guy with arrows and no background story. In the comics Hawkeye is a funny cool guy who can take on an army(well kind of), and that is how I want him to be. And I get the feeling that as long as Renner is playing him he will have to stay serious and boring I actualy want Renner to play him longer, so he can redeem the character, but when the time comes, here is who I think should be the next Hawkeye:

Ryan Reynolds

Sory for the nudity,but his hair is Hawkey-ish here
Sory for the nudity,but his hair is Hawkey-ish here

Look I know he is not Oscar material (yet) but he can be Hawkeye, and he has that face and attitude that makes people say :"Hey, that's a cool guy, I like him". And that is what I want for Hawkeye, to be liked and respected, not to be just there helping, but maybe leading West Coast Avengers if that ever happens. And also Reynolds has played Deadpool before, and will again in 2016. And after that he could also be a link with Disney and Fox and we could finally get the X-men in the MCU!!! Nerd overdoseeee!!!!!

☆Bonus pick: Willa Holland(Arrow) as Kate Bishop(Hawkeye)


Don't you dare recast me!!
Don't you dare recast me!!

Now, Nick Fury is an entertaining character, but all the actor needs to do a good job as him is to be a badass with an eyepatch and an awesome voice. But the actor should have really good facial expressions just with one eye. So here is my one eyed man:

Laurence Fishburne

If he looses weight he could totally be our new one-eyed eagle. Just imagine if somebody broke Morpheus's glasses so that there is only one lense and taa daa there is your new Nick Fury.

☆Bonus pick: Silvester Stallone as the 616 Nick Fury who gets into the fight and kicks some ass.

And now for the supporting Avengers, or members that might join in the future, that we know will be in the MCU


Rhodey has been an awesome sidekick, and if he doesn't kick the bucket in Age of Ultron here is my best choice for a recast:

Will Smith

He is a great action star(the MIB triology) and a great actor(well of course he is). He can keep the funny sidekick status that Rhodey has, and will add more black star power to the MCU.


I will not be adding pictures for the rest that I will recast because... well you know the superheroes and I decided to recast the others for fun, so I will not be spending space on pictures. Wow, I really got off subject, oh well=> Anyways, Falcon should be as much inspiring as Cap, and that role I would give to Martin Luther King Jr. AKA David Oyelowo, who has proven himself in Selma.


I know that you probably think it is stupid that I am recasting a character that we have only seen in a post credits scene, but I just feel like doing it, for when the time comes. I want to see Quicksilver on the big screen as the goofy younger sibling who pranks the older ones because he can outrun them, so he has no worries. My pick for him is Jake T. Austin from Wizards of Waverly place. He is funny, young talented and could pull off the classic Quicksilver hair, not the hobo version of Aaron Taylor.


For her I would pick Chloë Grace Moretz, she can pull off a mystic superhero look (Carrie + Hit-girl), and would be the right age when Olsen is out. She can also add drama(If I stay) to the team as we have already seen Olsen do it in the trailers.


The recast has to have a smooth British accent that everybody would want from a butler, and that is why I would pick the original Jarvis, James D'Arcy(portrays Jarvis in Agent Carter). I actually prefer his voice than Bettanys because it is more calming and relaxing. Plus he has a thinner head which looks better for the vision.

☆Bonus pick: Michael Caine as the elderly butler Edwin Jarvis, the help superheroes need.


Scott looks like he will be a funny guy, but mostly devoted to redemption, and family.My pick is Taylor Kitsch, he has starred in a lot of action films(John Carter, Lone survivor, X-men origins Wolverine), and was a funny character in X-menOW. So I think he could keep the humor going, but also be caring for his daughter.


I am pretty sure that Benedict will be one of the best superhero casting choices and will amaze audiences around the world, but when he has to be recasted, the other actor should also be able to play a really mysterious and goofy character whoose every third word is something magical(by the jimmering gems of Juggerath, or stuff like that). So I think the man for the job is James Franco?!?! Yes, he is THE man for the job, he can be serious and he can be goofy. He has some great comedies (the interview, pineapple express) and really great dramas(127 hours, and I can't wait for True story to hit the theaters).


Black Panther should be a king who cares for Wakanda, and its people, and Chadwick will do a great job at that, he has proved himself in Get on up and 42, but who will be the next black panther? I would choose Chronicles Michael B. Jordan. He is also a rising star, and will make a great Human Torch(even though he is not suposed to be black)in a really serious toned FF movie. So by the time Chadwick drops out, Jordan will prove himself as an actor and will be ready for the role.


Again, I just want to say that I recasted the characters so that they will fit perfectly in the MCU AS IT IS ALREADY!!


So do you think this is the future of the MCU?


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