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Some hints as to the events in store for Olivia Pope and the gladiators in the final weeks of [Scandal](series:755840) season 4 have been released this week. After a particularly tumultuous season, with Olivia being kidnapped, sold and traded in return for a bloody conflict in West Angola, not to mention the ups and downs of her relationships with President Fitz and super-spy Jake Ballard, the rest of the season is bound to be explosive!

Olivia has been dealing with all kinds of dramas in the past few weeks - from a Ferguson-esque, police brutality case to the 'disappearance' of her elderly neighbour - and is about to face some potentially fatal fallback from Huck's decision to openly discuss B613.

Poor Fitz is struggling too. Olivia is giving him the silent treatment (which I find a bit petty, personally), his new Vice President is going to be a bit of a handful with all her terrible honesty, and Mellie is still on his back about propping her up to become the next President.

Perhaps Mellie's sister will at least sort out one of those problems.....

Lauren Bowles to Guest Star as Mellie's Sister

Lauren Bowles is going to cause trouble for Mellie.
Lauren Bowles is going to cause trouble for Mellie.

Bellamy Young herself, better known to Scandal viewers as First Lady Melody Grant, told reporters that Mellie's sister is going to stir up trouble for her power-hungry sister. It is as yet unclear exactly what Mellie's sister, Harmony, is going to get up to, but after hearing about her exploits with former VP Nichols, we can assume it will be juicy!

We don't yet know much about Mellie's upbringing, so perhaps simply Harmony's presence will be enough to reveal too much info about Mellie's former life. If Lauren Bowles' guest starring turn as the unwanted guest brings the Southern charm she brought to [True Blood](series:200767) , Mellie probably won't be too thrilled.

We'll have to wait and see if she gets to celebrate victory again by the end of Harmony's visit -

Mellie's seen worse - probably....
Mellie's seen worse - probably....

Lena Dunham Stirs Up "50 Shades of Scandal"

Lena Dunham looking harmless, but causing chaos!
Lena Dunham looking harmless, but causing chaos!

The trailer for this week's episode has told us about "50 Shades of Scandal" that is about to be exposed, if Olivia doesn't stop it. Lena Dunham has previously confessed to being a Scandal tragic, and has been waiting for her chance to guest star, so playing the writer of a tell-all book about DC sex scandals seems like the perfect role for her.

There has been some debate over whether or not Olivia and Fitz's romps are going to be included in the rag, but I feel as though Olivia would not have been called in if that were the case. Mellie and Andrew will surely be in there, but Olivia and Fitz can probably rest easy (for now).

[Girls](series:719464) fans will not want to miss their idol's cheeky turn in Scandal!

Huck's Confession will Bring Back Scary Daddy Pope

My thoughts exactly, when Huck opened his big mouth
My thoughts exactly, when Huck opened his big mouth

Huck has really gone and done it this time!

Not only is his confession probably going to get Olivia and the gang into some serious trouble, it is also certain to bring Daddy Pope back to town. And we all know what that means - somebody gonna get it!

Rowen has been in hiding for a few episodes now, and after seeing his ambivalence towards Olivia's kidnapping drama, now is not the time to provoke him! He is an angry Daddy and Huck has placed a big bullseye not only on his own back, but also that of his lovely little family.

Put a Ring on It?

Will she or won't she?
Will she or won't she?

Not wanting to jump too far ahead, especially since episode 16 is sure to bring some seriously exciting twists and turns, but let's just consider for a moment why episode 17 is entitled 'Put a Ring On It'.

Is this a reference to a proposal from one of Olivia's eligible beaus (eligible, if you ignore the fact that Fitz is already married)?

Or will Huck maybe get save his family and re-marry his pretty, long-lost wife?

Jake has been working extra hard this season to protect his darling Olivia, so I'm kind of hoping he is the one to pop the question.......but at the same time, I fear she will say no and break his heart.

For now, let's just keep it in mind, and then we can reassess next week and have some better developed theories about who will/won't tie the knot.


Have you been enjoying Scandal Season 4 so far?


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