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My So-Called Life's Angela Chase was an underappreciated genius, and with only one season, we did not get to experience enough of her early 90s, like-heavy wisdom. Though so many of us gravitated toward the first teen show that didn't seem like an after school special, it was callously canceled before we could really dig deep.

Oh well, at least we always have Angela's relatable brilliance.

In honor of the show that was simply gone too soon, let's take a look at what the cast has been up to since My So-Called Life was terminated 20 years ago.

Angela Chase - Claire Danes

Angela Chase was the original angsty teenager that I hated seeing myself in. Claire Danes brought the same charisma to equally noteworthy roles like Juliet in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet and Cosette in 1998's production of Les Miserables. Though she's never really lacked work, her career has been on a high since she starred as the eponymous character in the miniseries Temple Grandin, for which she won an Emmy. Since then, she's most known for her role in Showtime's [Homeland](series:201880) as Carrie Mathison, which has earned her two Golden Globes and two Emmys.

Jordan Catalano - Jared Leto

It's hard to one-up a career like Danes's, but Jared Leto is not your average teen heartthrob. After his drool-inducing performance as Jordan Catalano, Leto showed brilliant taste in projects with roles in The Thin Red Line, Fight Club, and American Psycho. Then, he starred as a heroin addict in the movie that forced me to never look at a refrigerator the same way again, Requiem for a Dream. Around this time, he began devoting more time to his alternative band Thirty Seconds to Mars. In 2014, he won an Oscar for his turn as Rayon, a HIV-positive transgender woman. Next up, Leto will be starring in [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) as the Joker.

Enrique "Rickie" Vasquez - Wilson Cruz

As the bisexual friend who never shied away from eyeliner, Rickie was a character I had never seen on TV before My So-Called Life. Wilson Cruz faced similar struggles in his own life, and the episode that explored his parents' kicking him out after he comes out to them was based on the actor's real life. Since then, he's appeared in Party of Five, Party Monster, and Noah's Arc. Most recently, he's starred as Kenji Gomez-Rejon on [Red Band Society](series:1237341). Ouside of acting, Cruz advocates on behalf of LGBT youth, specifically youth of color.

Patty Chase - Bess Armstrong

Angela made sure that her mother Patty was never off the hook, but deep down there was a bond that was more believable than most family relationships on TV. Since My So-Called Life was unceremoniously canceled, Bess Armstrong appeared in a string of TV movies with titles like Stolen Innocence and Forgotten Sins. She recurred on One Tree Hill and [House of Lies](series:722538). Most recently, she starred in the canceled legal drama [Reckless](series:881632).

Brian Krakow - Devon Gummersall

The romantically helpless but impossibly smart Brian Krakow pined for Angela throughout My So-Called Life, but he never gets the chance to really act on his feelings. After hanging up his pocket protectors as Brian, Devon Gummersall went against type and starred as Julie's awful boyfriend on Felicity. Since then, he's guest starred on Castle, CSI: NY, and Drop Dead Diva. Next, we can see Gummersall in the CW show [iZombie](series:1169542).

Rayanne Graff - A.J. Langer

The school's resident party girl who proclaims lard is her favorite food, Rayanne Graff was a huge influence on Angela—until she "ummed" with Jordan Catalano. Actress A.J. Langer brought Rayanne to life and went on to star in more TV shows including It's Like, You Know... (which also sounds have been the title for My So-Called Life) and Three Sisters. She had a recurring role on Private Practice as a woman suffering from a brain tumor. In her personal life, Langer suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition for which she raises awareness and funds.

Sharon Cherski - Devon Odessa

Sharon represented the Angela's former, pre-angst life, and the old friends eventually rekindled their relationship. Since leaving the world of high school behind, Devon Odessa has gotten small roles in shows like That's So Raven, Noah's Arc, and Private Practice.

Graham Chase - Tom Irwin

Angela's dad Graham was going through a bit of a mid-life crisis throughout My So-Called Life, but he always had his daughters' best interests at heart. Tom Irwin has gotten consistent work since the show's series finale. He's been a guest on Angel, Without a Trace, and Judging Amy. After appearing in 21 Grams with Naomi Watts, he appeared alongside Holly Hunter in TNT's Saving Grace. Most recently, Irwin has appeared in ABC Family's Chasing Life and continues to star in Lifetimes [Devious Maids](series:1082802).

Which cast member had the most life-changing transformation?


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