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Hi, my name is Stephen and I have an addiction to [Empire](movie:784585). There, I said it. I had to get that off my chest. Fox's new hit show is crushing it in ratings and surprising a lot of people - myself included - who didn't think that it looked like it would be good at first.

A big part of why this show is such a hit is the fact that famous producer Timbaland does all of the ORIGINAL music. It's kind of like a hip hop version of [Glee](movie:718630), and it's pretty much undeniable. If you haven't yet, you might as well binge on this show. It's here to stay...

I took on the tough task of ranking the top songs from the show and I hope you agree with my carefully thought out analysis. Check it!

8. 'What is Love?' by V Bozeman

This haunting banger kicks off the pilot episode, and truly sucks you into this world in a way that will almost certainly give you the chills. I immediately felt like this show was going to have heart when Lucious critiqued the young singer's style and wanted her to feel more pain with it. Gold.

7. 'Drip Drop' by Yazz and Serayah McNeil

Easily the most recognizable and catchy song from the show, 'Drip Drop' is pretty commonly known as the club song that the young and charming Hakeem Lyon uses to get spins on the radio and boost his career. It's unclear what is dripping and what is dropping but it seems highly sexual so you can probably figure that out. I had it low on the list simply because it lacks depth... but it's hot so it belongs on the list for sure!

6. 'No Apologies' by Yazz and Jussie Smollet

This song is hot, and it played a big part in getting Jamal and Hakeem over their short-lived beef. Their brotherly bonding and the entire Lyon family dynamic is part of what makes the show great. It's an energetic song that makes you want to basically just shout the words at your haters.

5. 'Tell The Truth' by Jussie Smollet

Actor Jussie Smollett plays Jamal, and both the real-life actor and his character came out of the closet recently. Jamal does so in a very powerful way, in front of his homophobic father while performing one of his hit songs. Smollett came out as well, in a slightly more subdued fashion. The song has serious meaning and also has a very cool beat so I felt I had to throw it on here.

4. 'Keep Your Money' by Jussie Smollett

Jamal, somewhat foolishly, but also respectably cuts his ties with his famous Jay-Z esque dad when he realizes that his dad (played by Terrence Howard) is kind of a homophobic asshole. This song plays as Jamal realizes "it's time to be a man now", downgrading from a baller apartment to one that is pretty much run down and in a terrible neighborhood.

3. 'Good Enough' by Jussie Smollett

Jamal kind of tells his dad off again here in 'Good Enough'. He truly wants to win the love of his father, but he keeps making him "jump through hoops". An interesting fact is that showrunner Lee Daniels drew from his own experience, growing up gay and black, and he was actually thrown into a trash can by his father. They recreated the powerful scene for the show and with this song echoing in the background, it will really move you.

2. 'Conqueror' by Estelle and Jussie Smollett

Estelle and Jussie (aka Jamal) absolutely kill this scene. If you recall, this was around the time that Jamal was trying to keep the Empire clients that he had a connection with. He put together one of the hottest songs with Estelle, who plays a client and who is also an amazing singer in her own right.

1. 'You're So Beautiful' by The Empire Family

The whole Empire fam came together to this song and Jamal came out to this song so it wins best song. It's the feel-good song of the show and it is incredibly heartwarming.


That wraps it up. If you disagree or if I missed one of your favorite songs let me know!

Wednesday is the two-hour season finale of Empire on Fox.


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