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Contrary to young Skywalker's first impressions, the mighty Millennium Falcon is no 'piece of junk', but that doesn't mean you can't make your own out of the most basic of materials!

The incredibly resourceful model-maker Bernard Szukiel spent four whole years working on this stunning home-made replica, and its clear to see just why...

Check it out:

Just look at the hard work that went into all those intricate details - the exterior piping and outer hull all perfectly crafted to the real thing's specifications. But what do you think Szukiel used to construct it? A plastic model kit? Metal scrap? Nope, here's the kicker...

It's made from paper!

That's right, this model is 99% made of paper, spanning 38" in length and combined with fiber optics and LEDs to make the inner workings of the ship light up.

How in the world he managed to render all those minute wall panels and buttons is simply beyond me - it's truly breathtaking!

Consider my mind well and truly blown!

You can check out a ton of other pictures detailing every nook and cranny of Han's recyclable freighter HERE.


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