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I finished watching [The Leftovers](series:862415) about a month ago, and am struggling to deal with the uncertainty about Season 2. No set release date has been announced, rumours about casting decisions keep swirling around, and a whole new town is said to be the setting for the next season.

To deal with all the questions these rumors have raised, I've collated all the information I could find and have discovered a few telling hints as to the form Season 2 will take.

Who Will Be Back for Season Two?

Will Liv Tyler be back for Season Two?
Will Liv Tyler be back for Season Two?

We know for sure that Justin Theroux and the whole Garvey family will be back in season two, that has been already been confirmed by multiple sources.

According to Wikipedia, 6 of the 14 main cast members have been confirmed as returning, but it is not clear which 6......irritating, much?!

But, e can probably assume that along with Chief Garvey's 'wife' and two children Nora (played by Carrie Coon) and Matt, the former reverend (played by Christopher Eccleston will return. This has been suggested in a few reports, and would allow these two great actors to continue to star in their fascinating side stories.

So, who else will be back for more murder and mystery?

New Mom Liv Tyler seems to be a likely guest star for the next season and apparently Anne Dowd could appear.....presumably in flashbacks. Neither of these rumors have been confirmed though.

As soon as any more casting decisions are confirmed, I will get back to you.

When Will The Leftovers Return?

Soon, or else!
Soon, or else!

Rumors have been flying that perhaps The Leftovers Season Two will be timed to take over the [True Detective](series:755331) slot, or will air directly before [True Detective](series:755331) as a lead-in each week.

It has apparently already begun shooting, so this could mean a release date for Summer this year.

Ratings for the show were not particularly impressive, with it never even reaching 2 million viewers, and a measly 1.5 million viewers for the season finale. That HBO are sticking with it, and trying to time the next season to be propped up by Game of Thrones and True Detective, are a good sign for the future of the show and a real show of faith in the writers, cast and crew.

Where Will Season Two Be Set?

So long to Mapleton....but where to now?
So long to Mapleton....but where to now?

One fan suggested that perhaps the next season could involve a Garvey family roadtrip to find a safer, less-GR-filled place to live. Since we have nothing else to go on, let's consider this possibility for a moment.

A roadtrip would allow the writers to go wild and show us all kinds of post-Departure scenarios. We already saw the power of cults that have been created across America since the Departure, and a roadtrip would mean more opportunities to delve into these dark repercussions of the event.

It would also allow some serious family-bonding time. Something I think we can all agree, the Garvey family are in dire need of!

If they decide to settle the family in another small town, let's hope that we still get plenty of time devoted to the folks back in Mapleton, recovering after last season's fiery finale.

Have you heard any interesting news about Season 2? What would you like to see happen when [The Leftovers](series:862415) returns?


Are you looking forward to The Leftovers Season Two?


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