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Which Once Upon A Time Star Has Joined Heroes: Reborn?

Robbie Kay, who played Peter Pan on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, has joined the cast of the upcoming Heroes Reborn.

Robbie Kay.
Robbie Kay.

The 13-episode miniseries, based on the NBC popular drama that ran from 2006-2010, will return to the basic elements of the show’s first season, which was the best of the shows four years.

Not a lot is known about his character except that Kay will play a new character, not seen on Heroes.

Creator, Tim Kring, will return as an executive producer to the show, along with James Middleton and Peter Elkoff, about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and is joined by Jack Coleman, who reprises his role of Noah Bennett from the original series and Zachary Levi (Chuck). The first episode of the series will be directed by Matt Shalman.

Aside from the announced few characters and a teaser, which was released in February, not a lot has been revealed about the upcoming mini series, which will follow a new stand-alone story arc.

Aside from Once Upon A Time, Kay has also starred in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Hannibal Rising, Pinocchio and will next be seen in Cold Moon.

NBC will launch a digital series, prior to the release of Heroes Reborn, that will introduce us to the characters and the new story lines.

Heroes Reborn will air this year on NBC.

(Source: TVLine)

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