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Now, there aren't a whole lot of ways in which Mark Ruffalo isn't demonstrably awesome - he is, after all, not only one of the more accomplished actors of his generation, an outspoken activist and seemingly a genuinely lovely guy, but also the freakin' Hulk - but that doesn't mean he isn't always trying to find ways to be even more so.

His latest gambit? Offering you the chance to go to the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere. Or, at least, offering everyone the chance to be one of the two lucky people to win the chance to go to the film's London premiere.


Here's What You Need to Do to Enter

First up:

Head to the Goraff Donation Page

Right here.


Choose Your Donation Level

Making sure as you do so that you've checked with a responsible adult - or, in the event that you are, in actual fact, a responsible adult, why not check with yourself?

Be Entered for the Chance to Win an All-Expenses Paid Trip to London, England

Donation levels range from $10 (where you get a thank you message) to $2,500 (where Mark sends you a personalized video message), and the more you donate, the more entries to the premiere tickets raffle you get.

The only thing to remember now?

If you end up going to the premiere, let us know how it goes!



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