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Kit Simpson Browne

Now, with X-Men: Apocalypse fast approaching - and the start of shooting just weeks away - it's not a tremendous surprise to discover that its cast members are deep into their pre-filming training. After all, by this point in the production cycle, Hugh Jackman is usually so ripped he looks like Chris Hemsworth's hairy Australian cousin.

What is good to know, though, is that the movie looks set to give its new cast members - Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops are returning to the franchise, in younger form - a decent amount to do.

Or, at least, that's certainly what the latest image posted to Instagram by Alexandra Shipp - our new Storm - seems to suggest:

After all, that level of training (and avoidance of the wonder that is Mexican food) suggests Shipp could have a fair few action scenes to deal with in her first appearance.

Also, it looks very much as though Shipp'll make for a pretty fantastic Storm - which is pretty darned important, seeing as she's got some big shoes to fill in the form of Halle Berry.

What do you think, though? Excited for Shipp (and the rest of the new X-recruits') arrival? How do you think we'll be introduced to them in X-Men: Apocalypse? Are there any other X-Men you're dying to see?



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