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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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I did not expect to post this many articles today. The Payleyfest trailers had thrown off my schedule and after having my internet go down, I was expecting to not be able to watch the new Better Call Saul episode and decided to post the planned weekend special post but now I can watch [Better Call Saul](series:1028213). So yeah, cool story. Anyway, on with the review.

Season 1, Episode 7 is titled Bingo. I'm not sure what Vince Gilligan is doing with the title episodes, bisyllabic words that end with “o” and also have very little to do with the episode. As usual, a great episode although it definitely didn't top last week’s but I doubt anything could beat the origin of the mysterious Mike Ehrmantraut.

Things seem to be going well, Chuck is starting to recover from his peculiar ailment and Jimmy has bought himself an office. He has offered Kim a job as his partner but she seems quite hesitant. I’m still not quite sure of the nature of their relationship but since this is a prequel series, it can’t end well. Much like the fate of Chuck that is currently floating in the air.

Kim is attempting to strike a deal with the Kettlemans but they still remain as stubborn as always. They clearly have no idea what they’re doing and are shutting off any offers of help. I hope they get what’s coming to them. They fire Kim and go with their last resort which just happens to be Jimmy. He really doesn’t want to work with them especially when it puts Kim’s career on the line but he is obligated by the “retainer” he had received.

Jimmy plots a way to get the Kettlemans back into Kim’s hands but to do that he must prove them guilty. He hires Mike to do what he does best, eat apples. He also uses UV lights to track the Kettleman’s fingerprints for the location of the money and takes all of it.

Jimmy shows up at the Kettleman’s and reveals that he stole the money.The contrast between Jimmy’s calm demeanour and the Kettleman’s frantic attitude is very amusing. Of course they now have no choice but to let Mr Kettleman go to jail for a 16 months and in turn hire Kim. Jimmy’s plan works and he is in the clear. After handing over the Kettleman’s to Kim and returning to the office, Jimmy throws a fit. Not sure why, I assume because he has realised that he is in the friend zone. Who knows.

As usual, Better Call Saul delivers a solid episode that shows off Jimmy’s manipulative ways and further dives in to his relationship with Kim. I do feel a great absence from the rest of the cast with most of them having shown up in one scene. I'm expecting Nacho’s role to get bigger eventually, so finger’s crossed he shows up next episode.


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