ByDolly Dahmer, writer at

As an ex model and photography freak , I have seen some weird and wonderful concepts for images in my time, but Italian photographer Giovannni Bortolani has taken weird and wonderful to a whole new level , with his latest project ' Fake to Fake ' .

'Fake to Fake' consists of a set of images of various young models, of various genders and races either slashed, cut, pinned or sewn together in Frankenstein like forms, sometimes with guts and gizzards galore oozing from these slashes or cuts.

Whether it's the gory concept you adore or the make-up and manipulation skills behind each image that you admire, real life horror fans and photography fans alike are sure to take something from this bizarre project.

To check out more of Giovanni's images from the ' Fake to Fake ' project , or maybe you want to learn some more about the genius behind the project, just click the link below, please note that some of these images are defiantly not work safe and contain gore, guts, blood and the occasion Boob!


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