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There was a point where made for TV movies were the future. Now those days seem far away and for a good reason, most of them stink. This got me thinking though, what if the Avengers had been cast as a made for TV movie? After going through a bunch of actors, I finally decided the perfect cast for a made for TV movie for The Avengers. Lets dive in and let me take you to my magical, imaginary casting booth.

Iron Man- Ed Quinn

Known for his role as Nathan Stark on Eureka, this guy is truly the best casting for Iron Man. Not only that but the character Nathan Stark is actually an homage to Tony Stark himself. If they were to make a made for TV movie of Avengers Ed Quinn would be at the top of my list.

Looks like he's down for the role:

Captain America- Geoff Stults

Probably best known for his role as Walter Sherman on Bones and The Finder, Geoff Stults would be an awesome Captain America. He could play a tad bit older Cap, who actually understands the references. A Captain who has grown into a full fledged 21st century man.

Hulk- Dylan McDermott

Best known for his role as Ben Harmon in American Horror Story, Dylan McDermott is a great actor. I think having him play Bruce Banner as a dark and brooding character could be an awesome take on the Hulk. He also played a psychiatrist already on AHS, so he can already play a doctor.

Thor- Josh Holloway

You might remember this hunk as "Sawyer" on the show LOST. I mean look at him, just add Mjolnir and some armor and he is set. I actually think it would be a little funny if he kept his country accent. No one confirmed that the Asgardians spoke like proper Englishmen.

Black Widow- Lindy Booth

You might recognize Lindy Booth from the 2001 TV show, The Famous Jett Jackson or her new role as Cassandra Cillian in The Librarians TV show. This girl is feisty and has the look of Black Widow. She can kick ass and was even in the movie Kick Ass 2 as Night Bitch. She would be perfect for our TV movie.

Hawkeye- Jensen Ackles

Oh boy, every fan girl of Supernatural has a crush on this guy. Not only of Supernatural fame, Jensen Ackles has dabbled in the DC Universe by voicing Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood and playing Jason Teague the ex of Lana Lang in Smallville. He looks very similar to Hawkeye and I believe he would create some good banter between the Avengers.

Nick Fury- Lance Reddick

You might recognize Lance Reddick as Cedric Daniels from The Wire or Phillip Broyles from Fringe. He can play a menacing character but he is also likable. His role in Fringe is head of Fringe Division so he already can play the leader role. I think he would make a good leader for our Avengers TV movie.

What did you think of this fantasy casting for an Avengers TV movie?


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