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Rumors have been rife that [Downton Abbey](series:251870) season 6 could see the end of this beloved series. Some rumors base this on a desire to avoid jumping-the-shark and dragging on the concept beyond its natural tenure.

Other rumors use Julian Fellowes' decision to move to America to create a new show, The Gilded Age, as proof that the Crawley family are going to say farewell after season 6.

While these rumors are potentially false, it has got me thinking about what would need to happen for the series to wrap up nicely.

The following is a list of absolutely crucial plot developments that would have to occur before I could say goodbye to our favorite Lords and Ladies.

Countess Crawley will Pass Away Peacefully

Since Cousin Violet did not get to live out the romantic love story with her Russian Prince that we had been hoping for, I feel as though it is time for her to pass away.

She's lived through WWI, has endured the modernity inflicted upon her by various inventions, social and political revolutions and family upheaval, and is now no longer necessary to keep the Crawley family in line.

Maggie Smith has added so much to the show with her wit and brilliance, but I feel that it would be right for Cousin Violet to leave on a high note, so the show can do the same.

Lady Mary Crawley will Find Herself a Suitable Beau

Mary has a few beaus in the works
Mary has a few beaus in the works

The guest starring role of the dashing Matthew Goode in the recent Christmas special certainly seemed like the makings of something beautiful!

Unfortunately though, [The Good Wife](series:200801) star was only a guest star on the show, and not a potential future heartthrob for Lady Crawley.

At least he opened Mary's eyes to the world outside her sordid love triangle and will help her to find a more appropriate match than flakey Charles Blake and the terribly dull Lord Gillingham.

While no one could ever be as perfect for Mary as Matthew was, she deserves to resolve all the romantic crises before the show finishes, so let's just hope for the best.

Daisy Will Branch Out - and Thrive!

Daisy is ready to spread her wings
Daisy is ready to spread her wings

The adorable, effervescent Daisy has been heading towards a life-changing step for a while now. Her classes were particularly influential, but her confidence has been growing for a while now and she is certainly ready for a change.

It would be lovely to see Daisy head to London, go to school, quit to work at a restaurant, or just generally do something that will get her out of that kitchen.

A Little Baby Bates

Bates and Anna - free, happy and pregnant?
Bates and Anna - free, happy and pregnant?

Did Bates kill the valet? Did the lovely, gentle Anna? We have been waiting to find out for so long that I have completely forgotten about their potential deadliness and just want to see them have a little bub already.

With so much discussion over Anna's contraception (or lack thereof) in season 5, season 6 would be the perfect time to resolve the whodunnit by discovering that the murderer was a total stranger, and giving the Bates family a fresh start.

A Collision of Worlds at a Downton Abbey Wedding

Who knew Mrs Hughes & Mr Carson would be so cute?
Who knew Mrs Hughes & Mr Carson would be so cute?

I was shocked by Mr Carson's proposal during the Christmas special. I was completely and utterly blindsided.

Sure, they work well together, and it was cute that they were going to retire together, but these two as a couple had never crossed my mind!

It would be a fitting end to the season if these two had a grand wedding in the hall at Downton, with the whole family returning (Rose and Tom included, even if that means trekking over from America!) and all of the staff celebrating as equals with the Crawleys.

For is that not what Downton Abbey has been heading towards for all these years - a time when the upstairs and downstairs worlds collide and everyone, even Violet, accepts this modern new world.


Are you looking forward to Downton Abbey Season 6?


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