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Marvel Cinematic Studios have took the film industry by storm in recent years, most notably when they slowly teased and readied our inner fan-boys/girls across a series of brilliant and colourful 'Marvel Comics' films, until finally 'The Avengers' (or 'Marvel's Avengers Assemble' in the UK) obliterated our box office records in the summer of 2012. It was huge!

Now with the highly anticipated sequel; 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' close to it's release in May, our brains are really starting to itch for some; rogue artificial intelligence, "HULK SMASH" and hot redhead action, so in honour of Marvel's super-team, I've decided to create my own fan-cast of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! (Y'know, just in case Thanos obliterates them in 'Avengers: Infinity War' and they need replacing or something!) I Hope you enjoy the article!

So, first things first!


(Currently portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson)

This choice has been made under the assumption that the MCU had been rebooted, thus introducing the character as white.

Now don't let the misconception grab you, the original iteration of this great character was Caucasian, unlike Samuel L Jackson who portrays the black iteration. Using inspiration from this mostly hidden version of the great character, I've come up with....


I was torn between this guy and Liam Neeson! Now I know you may be thinking "You've obviously chosen him because of the eye-patch", but there's more to it.

Donning the eye-wear as The Governor in AMC's 'The Walking Dead' obviously helped by showing us how good Morrissey looks wearing a patch, but what else is shown to us is how brilliant he is at playing a complex, mentally and physically wounded character with a past of pain.

He definitely knows how to portray someone who can take charge, whom won't back down from getting his hands dirty as-well-as being stuck in the cross-fire, and so that's why I think he'd be perfect for the role of Nick Fury, not to forget he totally looks the part!


(Currently portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.)

We all love our charismatic, too-much-talk-for-his-own-good Billionaire Tony Stark, who is brilliant at being; probably the most accurate cos-play crafter - I mean Iron-Man!

Now across various other fan-castings previously made, names such as Colin Farrell and Tom Cruise have cropped up regularly, and as a change I've decided to go for someone a bit more "off the radar" than those. That's why I've chosen....


Oh how he was a gem when I found him, because RDJ is a tricky one to replace! If you do recognise this guy, you would most likely know him from 'Grey's Anatomy' or 'X-Men: The Last Stand' (he played the guy who can duplicate himself and joins Magneto).

Since I haven't watched an episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' before, I'm gonna go with what I know from 'X-Men'.

In the movie he plays a mutant who is a more laid-back and is slightly larger-than-life than the rest of the characters, who goes by the name of Jamie Madrox, or "Multiple Man". By his performance we are shown that Dane is capable of portraying a charismatic character who is there for the good time as-well-as the cause, much like our brave Mr. Stark, so showing those traits again on-screen would be a piece of cake!

Were he to grow his fringe a bit and have his hair dyed darker, all with that great beard and "bad-boy" look, he'd be the very embodiment of the Classic Tony Stark!


(Currently portrayed by Chris Evans)

I think our All-American super-soldier is the guy you'd want on your side in any battle! He's genuine, true to his heart, and just screams apple pie and justice! He's empathetic, and I imagine he gives amazing hugs, but that doesn't stop him from being a total bad-ass, and for me it was no difficulty having him portrayed by....


Much alike Tony Stark it's not easy to cast Steve Rogers, as Chris Evans has practically peaked the role, but after re-watching the TV show 'Smallville' recently I was pleasantly reminded of Justin Hartley who played a very characteristically similar Green Arrow, easily setting him up to second Evans as the American boy-in-blue!

He portrays Green Arrow as a conflicted character who struggles with his past, and yet even though he has the anger, he always strives to achieve the justice even the smallest of people deserve (I mean he talks about justice in every other episode)!

As mentioned before these characteristics and his great delivery of them could easily be transferred into the portrayal of Captain America, not to mention the fact that he looks and has the same build as him, with his blonde hair, squared jaw, tall height and totally beefed physique!


(Currently portrayed by Mark Ruffalo)

The scrawny, brilliant-minded, yet psychologically impaired character of Bruce Banner has a brilliant yet sad story surrounding him. After a catastrophic lab accident, he was forced to live with the uncontrollable, physically and mentally contrasting savage Hulk within him ever since. This draws him to depression and other forms of unfortunate life scenarios due to the pain he has caused others without having a say in the matter, and for these reasons I want him to be cast by....


This was certainly the easiest of my choices! Firstly, the physique is perfect for Bruce Banner; slightly scrawny, hollow and naturally melancholy facial features, and he's not too tall either, plus he looks great as a typical "nerdy science whiz with glasses".

What really captivates me about Murphy is how he can go from a solid, unchanging role like in Christopher Nolan's 'Inception', to his more psychotic, "affected and affecting", poetic role as The Scarecrow, in (also Christopher Nolan's) 'Batman Begins'.

A film in which he shares the essence of victimisation though; 'Broken' starring Tim Roth, really shows his ability to diversify his personality, from empathetic and big-brother-like, to emotionally crushed from a broken relationship. I believe that his ability to express his forever-changing traits would give him the best characterisation of Bruce Banner we've ever seen!


(Currently portrayed by Chris Hemsworth)

This Asgardian demigod is not just what he seems. Behind the manly locks and ripped package of a body, we realise he is also a loveable teddy! It's hard to imagine the new Marvel Cinematic Universe without him and his happy medieval presence, and him being there actually brings the audience into the story, as people will frequently notice that they know more about the world that he lives in than he does! That said, my fan cast for the Mighty Thor is....


Ah, those soppy eyes behind that wavy blonde hair really screams a heart swooning puppy, much like our head-first and impeccably Shakespearean Thor!

From his performance as Nicolas Nicklby in the same-named movie, he shows us that he can also be a real lady killer, suggesting that with him on the roll as the wielder of Mjölnir, we could see some mighty love scenes with Jane Foster, not to mention his funky accent which he can easily manipulate to being British, keeping the novelty of Thor's celtic-like heritage!

Along with this, he is clearly similar looking to Thor with his blonde hair and beard, and is no stranger to buffing his body up! This is why I think he'd be great as the Asgardian Avenger!


(Currently portrayed by Scarlett Johansson)

Let's admit it, The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, and Marvel as a whole wouldn't be what it is without her particular feminine touch. As Nick Fury's right hand woman, nothing gets passed Natalia Romanova and her incredible skills as the red-headed terminator and undercover sass-master. I am amazingly confident in my casting of....


This actress is practically perfect for the role of Black Widow! She's stunning, articulate in all of her works, and is brilliant at portraying a variety of characteristics that could influence her build of the character, not to mention she pulls off red hair amazingly!

Notable performances consist of her role as Kelly in the film 'St. Trinians', in which she plays a fun group-player and guiding figure, but what really solidifies the comparison is her performance as Gretel in the movie 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' next to Jeremy Renner (conveniently), in which she dons all black and a bad-ass American accent and fantastic hair-do, which really show she can portray an excellent Black Widow vibe! Just in-case you're not convinved, check out the trailer for 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' bellow!

Great right? And last but not least...


(Currently portrayed by Jeremy Renner)

We know that in reality, we can't imagine Black Widow in the MCU being as awesome as we know her without the other side of her coin, Hawkeye, and for good reason, he's just as bad-ass as she is! Behind his deadly aim and newly found awesome dress sense, we need a guy who's cool, slick, and has a temperament that can tame Natalia when she gets feisty, and so that's why I've chosen....


This guy has been regularly popularised as a fan cast for S.H.I.E.L.D's own archer, and for good reason!

Jensen is well known from the hit TV show 'Supernatural', in which he plays a distressed yet overall courageous Dean Winchester. In the role he whips out an incredible arsenel of gadgets, weapons and strategic knowledge when faced with the scariest of demons (right up Marvel's road), and is great at keeping his cool, all whilst making the women swoon as he sweeps them off their feet! His ability in this style of role would be perfectly matched by the character of Clint Barton!

Let's not forget how similar the likeness is!

  • Sandy blonde hair
  • Squared jaw
  • Cool eyes
  • Not too tall yet still so built!

He'd nail it!

SO what do you think of my choices in fan-casting Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Agree or disagree? leave a comment! Either way thank you so much for your time by reading the article, it's always appreciated!


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