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This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the SXSW film festival to catch a screening of the film Unfriended. The film starts with the suicide of Laura Barns who then comes back for revenge. She torments those who embarrassed her. She even uses the same platforms that they used to exploit her in the first place. The film was really entertaining, it kept me on the edge of my seat and was quite intense. However, after watching the film it got me thinking about other scary videos that can be found online. So I decided to create a list of some of my favorites!

Horror online and social media have been the topic of discussion lately. "Scary" videos have always been posted online, with the intention of pure entertainment. As the years go by, the videos have stayed. The only difference now is the video is either uploaded as a "real life video" or a short film. I personally enjoy both, so here's the short list of my favorite horror videos that can be found online.

First up: BedFellows

BedFellows is infamous for a screen grab from the actual film. It's a short film just under three minutes long. The theme is, you never know who it is exactly you're sleeping next to. The setting is a quiet home that a couple resides in. It turns eerie after the woman of the house finds out she has not been sleeping next to who she thought. It's suspenseful yet terrifying. The ending alone will have you up for weeks.

Next up: Dining Room Or There Is Nothing

It's another short film. Stylistically however it is way different. This short is just over a minute long, and doesn't necessarily tell a complete story. This video actually challenges the viewer to watch it on a loop and see just how long they can stand the sight of it. Most have claimed to be confused completely after viewing it on a loop. While others seem to understand the theme of the video. The so called theme being there is no "other side" of life when you're gone, and that nothing truly exists. Can you watch Dining Room Or There Is Nothing on a loop? And for how long exactly?

Third on the list is the Elisa Lam video which hit online last year. It's actual elevator surveillance footage from the Cecil Hotel. Elisa's last moments were caught on camera, and they're quite chilling to say the least. She was found dead in the hotel's water tank weeks later. What's concerning is that there was no way of actually getting into the water tank because of security reasons, and she was found completely nude. Some say she was running from a ghost, while others assume she was under the influence of drugs. Take a look at the video, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

The next video is in fact another short. The title is LOT254 and it's about a collector who tries to repair a vintage camera. As he's attempting, he finds out why the camera has been left alone for so long. The camera holds something quite terrifying within. The video was enjoyable and entertaining. It definitely left me a little shaken after I watched it the first time. Check out LOT254 and let me know what you think!

The last video online that is worth a watch would have to be Laura Barnes' suicide video. With so much talk going around about Unfriended, I had to see what was going on. The video is quite short, and simple but it definitely leaves a chill down your spine, fake and all. The video is of Laura's suicide after she's been bullied about an embarrassing night. As she stands there and shoots herself the video cuts off, and that's it. The film Unfriended will be theatrically released next month in April.

Make sure to catch Unfriended in theaters on April 17th!

Check out all the listed videos, and let me know what you think of them in the comments below!


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