ByAllison Van Oirschot, writer at
Huge Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/Red 5 Comics fan

This is the last one I'm going to do, because after the Top 3, who cares? Anyway, my third favorite is Jean Grey, also known as Marvel Girl, also known as Phoenix. Frankly I prefer Marvel Girl, but I digress. Here's why I like her:

  • Her powers. She has telepathy and telekinesis, which are my favorite type of powers. How cool would it be to be able to read minds and move things with your mind? It would be awesome. (Not mentioning her Phoenix Force because with that she's evil, and I don't like her being evil.)
  • Her attitude. In her many variations, Jean has been a strong, independent, smart and driven woman, and she has a habit of inspiring her teammates to do their best. No wonder everyone likes her.
  • Her style. No matter what the situation, she always seems to look amazing. Whether she's wearing normal clothes, fancy clothes, or her superhero outfit (any of them), she just looks stunning. Even when she's totally beaten up.

(BTW, huge fan of Scott Summers x Jean Grey)

So that's that. Comment if you have any other reasons why she's awesome!


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