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Tyler Jacobs is at it again! The young writer and Director of "Mabee Learning" has returned to his routes, to bring back his beloved show from 6 years ago, "The School" in the form of a spin off starring the original School cast.

If you live on earth you probably heard the story last year about Mabee Learning. A sitcom about Library workers in the 70's. However things didn't go over so well. Jacobs, the director, played a racist character in the show. So racist he didn't know he was racist; his first line was, "racist? i'm not racists, blacks, asians, mexicans... all those things! i'm not against them, i support their handicap."

Funny? right. Well police in Oklahoma got involved, approaching Tyler saying, "Tyler... i'm afraid the black people are going to hurt you"

The officer went on to tell Tyler and fellow Mabee Learning Star, 'Garison Cunningham', that some people, talking about black people, have a hard time differentiating between real life and a tv show.

The officer said that If they kept the show up, black students would think it was real and kill Tyler.

However Tyler did not die! and his offensive humor survives.

And here it is: Crunchies!

From Former Childer Molestors to Former Principles, Crunchies explores it all.

Watch the show, tell us what you think in the comments, is Tyler really a racist bigot? or is he just making a comedy?


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