ByShadan Syed, writer at
Movie addict and aspiring director.
Shadan Syed

Hey guys! So this is contest time at Moviepilot and this is my entry for the "Would You Rather" contest. Here are some scenarios, that will leave you thinking about only option...the option which is obviously less painful than the other.


Your mother was always a single mother. She faced many hardships and difficulties in raising you and you love her more than your life. Suddenly she is possessed. She can't be cured or saved. Would you rather...


Sometime back, you made a deal with The Devil and in return you promised the soul of your first child to him. After many years of pain and prayers , your first girl child is born. The devil offers you two choices. Would you rather...


You wake up at the dead of the night. You and your only dearest brother are locked in a mysterious room. You don't know where you are. Would you rather...


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