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So I think it's fair to say The Walking Dead is known for some of the most shocking and brutal death scenes in the history of TV. This is supported by the latest episode of Season 5, 'Spend,' with the death of Noah. I mean, let's face it, everyone hated him but without knowing it, we sort of got to like him until show creator Robert Kirkman decided "no, we can't be having that." But what I would like to know is, what have been the top 10 deaths and why? I thought of doing a Top 5 deaths but I simply couldn't choose, so here are my Top 10.

10. Axel

Wait, here me out guys. I know we barely got to know Axel, but his death was one of the most unexpected I've ever scene. I mean come on, we had just begun to like him and in my opinion he could have become a very funny and useful addition to the group if they gave him till Season 4. It would have been cool to see him team up with Daryl or Michonne for something. Also, we never got to hear the end of his story.

9. Patrick

I know we never got to know Patrick much, but it's those eyes, they said it themselves, it was a horrible way to go, bleeding out of your eyes, mouth, nose, ears, all in the protection of a prison. Not only was it a gruesome death but it set the tone of the season: no where was safe. Also it reminded us of other threats, I mean where do people go for serious illnesses in a Zombie Apocalypse?

8. Karen and David

Although again, we never learned much about these two, we never even saw David on screen, and although they were already dead when they were burned, it's still a horrible sight to see, and it raised a lot of questions about "Who killed Karen and David." The fact on top of everything was that they had a killer inside with the group, (Spoiler) I mean who expected Carol to have done it.

7. Sophia

Now for me this was the biggest shock in TV history, I never thought they'd be ready to kill off a kid this soon into the show. Especially since we all had hoped we'd see her again, and the fact she'd been in the barn the whole time... how upsetting. For me this is when Rick really stepped up, he put so much into finding Sophia and felt responsible for her disappearance, it was only logical for him to be the one to lay her to rest.

6. Dale

You either loved him, or really really loved him. He was the moral consciousness of the group, he looked out for everyone and was a very good judge of character, he helped keep the group in line, and let's face it, he was the granddad of the group, not just because of his age, but because of the way he was. Those of you who have read the comics will know that (spoiler) he does not die until much later in the comics, so for you guys, this must have been a shock and a half. I loved Dale and to this day I still can't watch his death. I mean we've only seen zombies bite into people, but that all changed with Dale, he was torn apart and his guts laid out as a buffet, he was such a kind man. But do you think he would have adapted to the world the survivors live in today?

5. Joe

Now this for me is when you learn how far Rick is willing to go to protect his family, he has nothing to defend himself and something inside of him clicks and goes "teeth." I mean what the hell, could you have done this? This was such a shock to me when I watched this, I couldn't believe how they decided to kill Joe, and I was surprised it happened so early, but I did prefer it happening half way through, it meant we got to see Terminus and it just shows that groups like Joe's are no longer a match for Rick Grimes

4. Beth

I was so gob smacked when I saw this, I couldn't believe they killed Beth off when she had so much potential, I would have loved to see her reach Alexandria. In Season 2 we saw Beth who - let's face it - we were all surprised made it past the fall of the Greene's barn. But it was amazing and brilliant how they forced her character to adapt. She started off as a small unwritten character and left as one of The Walking Dead's best written characters. No one saw it coming and it took people a few months to get over it. I believe she knew she was going to die when she stabbed Dawn, and she knew in anger her group would have killed Dawn, ending her reign of terror. She sacrificed herself for Noah and the others in the hospital. Even in a zombie apocalypse there are still good people.

3. Lizzie and Mika Samuels

These were the most haunting scenes in Walking Dead history. Lizzie killing Mika, truly believing the good in Walkers and believing that they were people, then Carol having no other option but to kill Lizzie to protect Judith, I did not see either of their deaths coming at that point of the episode. I could imagine Lizzie dying in the final of the season, but I imagined they'd try and make Mika a mini Carl. Killed by your own sister who is then killed by your guardian Carol, shees. I dread to think what will happen to Carl and Judith in the future.

2. Hershel

Hershel's death made millions of us cry and cry for months on end. The worst part yet was that I kind of suspected his time was coming, and in that way it was horrible to watch, I couldn't believe it. That they'd kill off such a lovable character in such a brutal way. I'm beginning to think that Robert Kirkman is enjoying this. The CGI in his death scene was incredible and so life like, it was so gruesome and in a way I loved it, it worked so well and really woke me up to how gruesome The Walking Dead would be willing to go to kill someone. I don't get how they get away with it sometimes, but I love it.

1. Noah and Aiden

What the hell! I cannot believe how gruesome both of these deaths were. I mean, if you really try and imagine being punctured with poles and leaned up to a wall, then getting your insides ripped out, imagine feeling that, the pain. The special effects on this were amazing, you could watch everything. As for Noah's death, for me it was the most gruesome death in Walking Dead history, seeing his cheek get ripped off and his shoulder being bitten into was so realistic and was such a shock, after seeing Aiden I thought, surely no one else will die now, but then Robert Kirkman got me again and we lost Noah. Both deaths were horrible ways to go, especially since we all just got to like Noah and he was set to become a vital part to Alexandria's future, to then have his life cruelly taken away by walkers, and all thanks to the coward Nicholas.

Special mentions

I also wanted to mention Shane's death. I liked Shane to a point, he was a good addition to the group until he turned evil. He was the first of the group to really show what you needed to survive, Shane's death was done very well and it was remarkable to watch his character unfold, I felt like he left at the right time, from the final or maybe 2 episodes into Season 3, any time after and he would have outstayed his welcome. It was cool to see him die twice. The first time it was important that Rick be the one to kill Shane, after all, they were best friends... and oh yeah, he slept with his wife. Then it was cool to see Carl save his dad and kill the reanimated version of Shane, it was Carl's first kill and it in a weird way, it seemed fitting it was Shane. It also linked nicely to a big question: If Shane wasn't bitten, how'd he come back as a walker?

So these were my Top 10 death scenes. Maybe not all of these were gruesome but I choose them because they meant something to the story and were massively shocking in terms of making us go "wow, they actually just did that."

But what are your favorite deaths, leave your comments below :)


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