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The star of the hit TV show Arrow, Stephen Amell, which currently airs on the CW was at Kansas City's Planet Comicon. For those who don't know: Amell is a huge fan of Supernatural.

Trying to hide his smile!
Trying to hide his smile!

When we're a super fan, we make fan fiction, right? Well so does our Captain Amell!

A fan asked if he will ever appear on Supernatural and he replied:

"I pitched an idea yesterday to the President of Warner Bros. TV Greg Berlanti, who runs Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, just did Pan - he's a genius - and Mark Pedowitz, who runs the CW," Amell said. "I pitched something called fan-fiction live. I pitched an idea where we would take Arrow and Supernatural and write a fan-fiction crossover episode and do a live-reading."

Watch him discuss his idea in the video below - check around 20:46 for his pitch:

Don't forget [Arrow](series:720988) returns tomorrow at 8/7c on the CW!


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