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My names Stehanie, I am a single mother, a new author and a horror fanatic!

Hey, my names Steph.

I'm extremely new to the author world so be easy on me. Haha
But this is my book called, "The Risen". You can see I included the book description (above) but I just wanted to talk a little about it.

For those of you that love horror and gore as much as I do, this book is perfect for you. It's a story about a girl named Lilly, who was robbed of her normal life way to soon. She lost everything she knew and loved in the first blink of the apocalypse. First she is faced with the gruesome death of her five year old sister and loss of her beloved parents to this virus. After that she is convinced she will never travel with anyone again. She can't bare the pain of getting comfortable with the idea of being with someone because she knows that any kind of "love" feeling is not welcome in this world any longer.

She feels this way, until she meets the gorgeous Liam Parker and his six year old son, Gage Parker. From the moment they cross paths she's smitten by Liam and feels a strong maternal instinct towards his son Gage.

They end up running into a group of four siblings, (Noah, Everleigh, Aiden and Penelope) who save their lives and become not only family but huge assets to their survival.

They end up facing tragedy after tragedy and an overwhelming since of hopelessness. Every time they are teased with the thought of security and safety, it is brutally ripped from them without a second thought.

This is the first book of a three book series.

I hope you enjoy! The link to purchase the book will be at the bottom of this. Any one interested in reviewing it for a blog or Amazon, send me an email at, [email protected]

Thank you!


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