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From the article: "

It Appeals to the Lowest Common Denominator

"This is a popular show, but popularity is not a sign of quality. In fact, in this case, the popularity points to the lazy, dime-a-dozen jokes the writers rely on."

This statement shows the author doesn't understand the vast majority of the jokes in the show.

Blonde girls are stupid and petty, scientists are socially awkward nerds. Clearly, the world isn't this cut-and-dried, but it is in 'The Big Bang Theory.'"

This is arguable; geeks and nerds tend to be socially awkward, this is just a fact. Penny is smart in her own way and this is mirrored by the geek girls that become her friends. The Big Bang Theory utilizes the stereotypes in a way that disproves the stereotypes.

" Inaccurate Portrayal of Nerd Culture:
Not all people who have nerdy interests actually act like the characters portrayed in the show. It's one thing to be a sitcom making light of it, but the writing comes across as people unfamiliar with nerd culture trying to appeal to those who are not a part of it."

Again a point made by the author who is outside of geek and nerd culture. The show has changed and developed the characters and the portrayal of "nerd culture" is axiomatic. Meaning that it isn't meant to be an explanation of the whole nerd culture, but a snapshot of these nerds in particular.

"The inaccuracies on this show wouldn't be so bad if the jokes were actually good. Have you ever watched an episode of the show without the laugh track? It's cringe-worthy intensified..."

What is funny to one person isn't necessarily funny to another. Even without a laugh track it is funny. I admit there are some groaner jokes in the show, but all sitcoms are that way. The show has it's bad episodes and it has its good episodes and the good tends to outweigh the bad.

"There's nothing innovative about this show. Not that they have to reinvent the wheel or anything, but 'The Big Bang Theory' is working with material that's already been chewed up and spat out multiple times."

This is laughable. There are few shows that are purely about geeks and nerds. Most of their materials is rather novel. There isn't a single sitcom on the air that is like

[The Big Bang Theory](series:200751)

that is about nerd culture.

"Cruel Portrayal of Nerd Culture:
Worse than simply getting nerdy stuff wrong, this show at times tries to make an example of how socially inept these "nerds" can be."

Again fiction replicates reality. The world is cruel to nerds and nerds take a good deal of punishment from the world. The show tries and at times is very successful at exhibiting this issue.

"Mocking Portrayals?
Sheldon, one of the show's main characters, is portrayed as so out of touch and socially incompetent that many people speculate that he is written as a person with Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism. However, his lack of social awareness makes him the butt of jokes, which reveals a sad impulse in the people who find such jokes funny."

This is highly arguable and a very hard position to defend on the part of the author. Sheldon's awkwardness has more to do with his eidetic memory (which is something I sadly have experience with) than anything else. His ego and belief he knows better than everyone is central to his character's persona. That coupled with not developing social skills because of being bumped up through grade school and college at a very young age and you get the character at hand. I know of two people that went through similar school age experiences and had just as many problems with social situations as Sheldon does. I'd argue that Sheldon's character is the butt of jokes because in real life it would the same way.

"Gender Separation:
This show relies heavily on the idea that nerds never see or talk to girls, which ignores the fact that many nerds ARE girls. The idea that being interested in 'Star Trek,' science, and comic books is 'for guys' is harmful and outdated."

Balderdash; the show has been quite innovative in removing this stereotype. Not only do the guys of the show genderbend all of the time (Raj dressing like Wonder Woman or Cat Woman) but the girls nerding out over their own things. In one episode the girls become enamored with the Marvel Avenger comic books and have an argument over Thor and the Hulk. The author seems more concerned here with pointing fingers than accepting the fact that everybody has their own tastes and interests. Bernedett and Amy have their own nerdery they like to do. Amy, for example liked the idea of a Victorian Age Christmas party and dressed up in Steampunk wear.

"Old School Values:
Along those lines, this show makes use of some seriously outdated TV tropes. Most younger people like a more surreal and less predictable type of humor than is seen on this show."

Okay, but how many sitcoms do you see that use the "fresh" version of comedy that last beyond 100 episodes (the lowest limit for syndication)? Few and far between. In almost all cases of sitcoms that last for more than 100 episodes, the tried and true comedy situations are used. Maybe in new ways, but the plot construction is the same. It hits the same beats for the same time period. That isn't an issue with writing and more of an issue with time slot and length of episode based upon the demands of the network.

Laugh tracks aren't always used by TBBT. In many episodes they have a live audience.

"It Fumbles the Premise:
The idea of a show about scientists is actually pretty interesting. Unfortunately, the details of the premise aren't really that important to the plot."

Again balderdash. Being a scientist is rather central to the series. A remarkable amount of the jokes, situations, and events revolve around the boys and later the girls dealing with being scientists and how their work life and personal lives butt heads.

Cliches everywhere is a rehashing of an earlier complaint. Dismissed.

Caricatures not Characters is a rehashing of an earlier complaint, dismissed.

"A Dumb Show About Smart People" this is an uninformed opinion from a person who clearly doesn't watch the show on a regular basis.


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