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10. Boomstick, Army Of Darkness

Kicking of this list is the S smart clerk who finds himself thrown into medieval times. Wasting no time, he shows the population why they shouldn't mess with him resulting in cinema's simplest and most iconic firearm's descriptions.

9. Diplomatic Immunity, Lethal Weapon 2

Even though Mel Gibson plays the crazy one in this buddy cop action sequel, it's Danny Glover's detective Murtaugh who manages to deliver all the funniest lines.

8. Welcome to Earth, Independence Day

When the planet comes at a full scale alien attack, leave it to the Fresh Prince to take the fight TO the enemy. Getting led of course from his squadron by an alien attack craft, he ultimately gets down along side his foe. Despite the massacre of his squadron and the brutal crash landing, Smith goes the extra mile to make sure his close encounter is of the badass kind.

7. The Cure, Cobra

Here, we find Sly playing a cop who is more than capable of pulling of the sunglasses in doorslook. Entering a supermarket being held over by a deranged hostage taker, he shows us just how badass he is.

6. Stick around, Predator

In this film, Arnold plays an elite Special Forces member who ventures into a gorilla territory in Central America to rescue hostages, before the murderous alien hunter ever shows up.

5. Circumcisions, Blind Fury

The title says it all in this film about a blind Vietnam War veteran turned samurai who uses his uncanny senses to go after kidnappers. He's more than happy to use his sharp blade and even sharper tongue to find his answers.

4. Bubble gum, They Live

When Nada discovers that aliens walk among the earthlings in a disguise with a pair of special sunglasses, he decides to save the world in the only way he knows how.

3. Ribs, Action Jackson

Carl Weathers plays a cop who stumbles upon a conspiracy, only to find himself feeling a bit hot under the collar.

2. Steam, Commando

Arnold plays a former black ops commander who discovers his entire unit has been killed and his daughter has been kidnapped. Forced to carry out a political assassination by his former colleagues, he instead decides to go commando. When his old buddy tries to get into Arnie's head, he breaks of a section of piping and uses it to vent his frustration.

1. Blood Bank, Hard To Kill

And the price for the best action movie one-liner goes to Steven Seagal. As a cop who uncovers the dirty dealings of a corrupted politician, his wife is killed and he was shot into a coma. Awakening several years later after repeatedly hearing the senator's political catchphrase in his head: "And you can take that to the bank!,,, he mutters this intense and creepy threat.


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