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So, in the world there are so many movies and shows , and people say " Oh, they can make a game out of this ." Or "Oh, that'd be a great comic book adaption." So the question rises what movies or shows would be good Graphic Novel adaptions?

1.'The Collector'

'The Collector' (2009) was a brilliant movie which follows a charachter named 'Arkin' a "master" thief who has been watching a house for months , so that he could steal the family's prized possession, but some one more dangerous is in the house ('The Collector') who wants to kill all the family but one.

Pros: 'The Collector' is so complex (relatively speaking) that some could do so much with it in comics , and would also provide insight on what happened with 'Arkin' and 'The Collector' before the movie. Not only is the story of the movie well written , it also gets better with its sequel 'The Collection' which would make room for Another Graphic Novel/Comic, including what happens in between the movies and after. The graphic novel could also be called the alternative name for the movie 'The midnight man'.

Cons: The Collector' has only two movies in it's series.This means whoever is writing the story can only guess 'Arkin's' full origin which is loosely told through the first movie and 'The Collectors' which is implied in the second movie ('The collection') . The writer would also have to guess what happened to 'Arkin' after his capture at the end of the first movie and in between, and of course what happened after the second movie.

2. 'Breaking Bad'

'Breaking Bad' on AMC (2008-2013) has been one of the greatest shows on TV since 'The Wire', the show follows 'Walter White' (played by Bryan Cranston) who is a New Mexcican chemistry teacher who has lung cancer , and tries to 'break bad' (see what I did there?) by cooking crystal meth with his former student Jesse Pinkman so that he can leave money for his family when he dies.

Pros: 'Breaking Bad' is nothing short of amazing . Seeing as how it lasted more than four seasons there would be so much to cover from 'Gus' blowing up to 'Jesse's' torture. Not only could they cover all the SPECTACULAR stuff in 'Breaking Bad'. They can also cover what ever happens in it's successor prequel 'Better Call Saul' which is currently ongoing.

Cons: It's 'Breaking Bad' what could go wrong? Ok maybe it could bomb because it would mainly be revisiting the show for the people who watched, which in this case would kill the suspense , and the people who haven't seen the show will probably watch the show before reading the Comics/Graphic Novels.

3.Historical Gangster Movies

Gangster movies have been apart of American /Italian, and really any history for the longest time. Starting with Lucciano and the Syndicate , along with more we'll known gangsters such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Bumpy Johnson , etc.... .The Graphic Novels/Comics can last as long as they feel because there is so much history to cover with gangster history.

Pros: It's a graphic novel , what's more graphic than the sexy, gritty, suspenseful lives of a gangster and gangster warfare? The main points would more than likely follow Charlie 'Lucky' Lucciano and his associates (Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Carlo Gambino, etc..) and the differnt origins and rises to power. It probably will also introduce other aspects that were around during that time such as Frank Sinatra, 'Escape from Alcatraz', and so forth.

Cons: There have been way to many movie/ show adaptions of real life gangsters , and still so much unknown information about the mafia , it would be next to impossible to get it picture perfect.

As I'm sure other shows or movies like 'American Horror Story', 'Pulp Fiction', and others would make great Graphic Novel and Comic adaptions, but these are just the ones that seemed really good to me , hope you enjoyed.


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