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Dalton Cole Grady

"The Merge"

Marvel Studios, the office of Stan Lee
Stan-“I'm so sick and tired of these fanboys whining about not having another crossover between DC and us, that was a one time deal!”
Suddenly a comic book floats onto Stan Lee’s desk(a Deadpool one)
The comic opens up and a hand emerges from the open comic book and grasps the desk and a red and black domino looking mask emerges, it is Deadpool!

Deadpool- “Hey there Stanny boy! I couldn't help to hear you bitching and moaning about some crossover thingy with my universe, the best universe In all the Universes and that pile of garbage known as DC comics.”
Stan looks at Deadpool for a minute, freaked out about what has just transpired before him.
Deadpool- “hellloooo anyone home(knocks on Stans head), well as I talk to you I've already sent my old pal Bob to hold the people over at DC Comics hostage, and the only way they will walk out alive is if we get this god damn crossover in full gear, so Stan ready to make some magic?”
Stan- “ uhhh alrighty what do I do?”
Deadpool-“ easy just set up some awesome matches between universes, also do you have any chimmichangas?? Traveling from a comic book to this shitty world can make a man hungry!”
All right boys and girls! Here are the set-ups our Mr.Lee has set up between each universe, please vote for who you think would win! And please! Brag away in the comments section.


Red Tornado VS Vision

Red Tornado-Air and Wind manipulation, Superhuman Strength, Physical resistance and speed, self repair.

Vision- Density control, Flight, intangibility/ phasing, mass manipulation, regeneration, solar energy projection, superhuman agility, intelligence and strength, technopathy


Ant-Man vs Atom

Atom- shrinking and growing his body as well as other objects and uses his weight and mass to his disposal.

Ant-Man- Genius level intellect, change size to microscopic to a whopping 100 feet, Bio-energy projection,flight, communication with ants.


Hal Jordan vs Nova

Hal Jordan- power ring which grants: Flight, semi invulnerability, hard-light construct generation.

Nova- flight, superhuman strength and speed, expert at hand to hand combat, energy projection and absorption.


Hulk vs Doomsday

Hulk- Skilled hand to hand combat, superhuman strength, speed, jumping, endurance, reflexes, and durability, immune to diseases and viruses, adrenal activation and anger empowerment, accelerated healing, resistance to mind control, immortal.

Doomsday- Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman endurance, superhuman agility, healing factor, invulnerability, reactive adaptation, camouflage.


Winter Solider VS Red Hood

Winter Solider- Expert Assassin and spy, cybernetic left arm, superhuman strength, enhanced reaction time, energy projection, EMP discharger.

Red Hood- Amazing acrobat and marksman, deadly at hand to hand combat, high caliber weapons.


Punisher VS Deathstroke

Punisher- master tactician and strategist, highly trained at hand combat and armed combat, special forces training, high pain tolerance.

Deathstroke- weapons master, healing factor, expert martial artist, swordman, bowman, and marksman, master tactician and strategist, photographic reflexes, mastery in bojutsu, and jojutsu.


Batman VS Moon Knight

Batman- Genius level intellect, peak conditioning, master martial artist, acrobat, detective, escapologist, strategist, swordsman, tactician, and marksman, high tech equipment, armor, master of stealth, master of disguise, computer hacker, photographic memory.

Moon Knight- Master arts master, resistance to some physical attacks, acrobat, gymnast, and detective,expert marksman and aviator, weaponry.


Nightwing VS Daredevil

Nightwing- Master martial artist( rivals Batman's skill), escapology, criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, master of a half a dozen martial arts, twin Eskrima sticks, wing-dings, the acrobat of the DC universe.

Daredevil- Athlete, skilled detective and tracker, expert marksman, master acrobat, martial artist, radar sense, superhuman senses, a special billy club that turns into multiple weapons.


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