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I love Captain America, Thor and pretty much everything MARVEL related
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Hi everyone. This my first post, so be chill, but I would love to hear comments on my team of Avengers. I will not be including vision, scarlet witch or quicksilver. Here we go.

Iron man

Tony stark is a tough, gritty, arrogant character. He likes to show off and I think Collin Farrell would portray that perfectly. He has played distraught roles before and he looks just like Downey Jr.

Kinda scary
Kinda scary

Captain America

If there is one hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has a muscular build , moral code and leadership built mind, it would be Cap. I think Channing Tatum would be perfect to portray cap. He can add more athleticism and boldness to the character. Plus Channing can be a great leader, his cast always looks to him.

Just think about him in that suit.


Now Chris Hemsworth may not be everyone's favorite, but I think he gives Thor the look he needs. He kicks ass when he fights and is set thinking as gard isn't always better than Earth. Brad Pitt knows how to play confident individuals, like in Fight Club or Ocean's Eleven. Plus he literally did a movie based on mythology called Troy.

Brad in Troy looks like Thor to me.

Black Widow

If there is anything I love more than bacon, it's seeing a skilled woman take down and win over a man at the same time. Black widow in the MCU does just that, and she adds humor to serious and action packed scenes. Jennifer Lawrence knows how to be funny and still add intimidation to her opponent. Plus she is gorgeous enough to play her.



An avenger who should have more credit given to him in the MCU. He is a key avenger who can be an excellent stealth and rapid killer, who not only can shoot arrows but also fight with knifes. I think Jensen Ackles can provide the character with charisma and fighting style to become the role player he needs to become.

Extra surprise!

Nick Fury

Mel Gibson

Enough said.

Hope you all enjoyed my recast of Earth's mightiest heroes. Please comment on my article and let me know how my first post went!!!


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