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The Church of Stephen Colbert
The Church of Stephen Colbert

What’s better than a white-bearded Stephen Colbert playing a Catholic Priest?

The prospect of meeting Mindy’s Parents.

Okay, well maybe not. But still, last week’s ‘The Mindy Project’ was a catharsis of Catholicism, that allowed for the religious focus, or comedic material, at least, to shift.

‘Confessions of a Catho-holic’ centers on Danny’s Catholic guilt when his Priest dies, following his confessional about his relationship with Mindy. It order to retain a new Priest, Danny and Mindy aim to present themselves as the perfect, Catholic, virtuous couple.

Continuing the list of: things Danny does to piss Mindy off, Danny makes out to be shameful of Mindy’s true self, degrading her to an old ex.

Dropping hints at the possibility of a progressive episode, the episode opens with Mindy’s wholly acceptance that her child is genderless and not a defined sex, albeit, so she can ‘win’ the gender war between her and Danny.

The show’s progressiveness continues with the promotion of Laverne Cox’s guest starring role in tonight’s episode; ‘what to expect when you’re expanding’, as cousin Sheena.

Playing on the episode’s namesake, Danny ends the episode with the acceptance of his catho-holism and more importantly, the acceptance of his lifestyle, which he reveals to feel no guilt -catholic or otherwise- about.

Continuing both a premise and an image that is, for the sake of humour, “On-Brand”, Mindy and ‘ the Mindy Project’ is setting jokes aside, by becoming Sex Positive and optimistically narcissistic.

Allowing Jeremy to get some much deserved screen time with an actual character arc, this episode drove the notion of embracing our own paths and identities – leaving one path left to be resolved.

Having delved into Danny’s religion, the episode ends at a great time to segue into Mindy’s upbringing.

On set in Boston, Mindy meets the parents but Danny is nowhere in sight. Catch episode 21 ‘Best Man’ next week!
On set in Boston, Mindy meets the parents but Danny is nowhere in sight. Catch episode 21 ‘Best Man’ next week!

Whilst Laverne Cox’s episode is highly anticipated, because she is purely amazing and, meeting both her, and Mindy is a life goal of mine – Episode 21 ‘Best Man’, gives us a yet to be seen, insight into the upbringing of Mindy outside of her parentless trips to camp. After 3 seasons of Catholic jokes and Jeremy’s daddy issues, i’m so excited to see whether Mindy shares comedic values with her parents, or couldn’t be any more different than them.

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