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Honestly, I don't even see a purpose in writing this. There are two kinds of people in the world: those who watch Doctor Who, and those who will watch Doctor Who. There is a reason the show has survived for 50 years (save the gap in the nineties of a television series). However, if you have yet to begin watching it, or have hopped off the Who Train recently, maybe this list will remind just why this show has stayed in the hearts of many worldwide for so long.

Taken from "The Shakespeare Code"
Taken from "The Shakespeare Code"

1. Fun through time and space

This is a given. The show is centred around an alien who travels through space and time. Not only does this open up educational possibilities, but it also only limits the show to our own timeline and allows for familiar figures to make cameos. This is a [Doctor Who](series:200668) staple and for years has given many a history lesson along the way. It also engages in history's best stories in fun, imaginative new ways. (Don't always trust everything you see on TV kids!) That being said, it opens up two separate plains, as not only is the Doctor travelling through our own time, but the show has quite easily become a piece of history in itself. How meta.

2. Because you will laugh

Over the years, Doctor Who has evolved to meet the comedy of the decades. At the roots, it has, and always will be a family show. Though there are some jokes and little nods to historic and current events that will go over any youngster's head. That is not to say that there isn't plenty of comedic moments for the little guys, but keep your ears'a listening and you are guaranteed to have a laugh.

3. Because you will cry

With the comedy also comes some... Well, some tears. With some stories carrying a little more weight than others, there will be many moments that will have you questioning why you continue to do this to yourself. The writing allows you to grow attached to the characters, but this show being about time constantly reminds you that nothing lasts forever.

4. For the actors

This show had the brilliant idea of having a lead character that could never truly die. This allowed for many different men to play the iconic role and will guarantee many more to keep the legacy alive. Each actor brought his own twist on the Doctor, yet was able to keep his main traits in tact. Fifty years, one man, fourteen faces.

5. Endless stories

There are countless episodes, movies, books, radio dramas, shorts, comic books, podcasts, fan made content and behind-the-scenes journeys for you to explore. When you think you are done with this show, a whole new door will open up to engulf you in another chapter in the Doctors life. This show is a cultural phenomenon that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Just do yourself a favour and join us, or suffer extermination.


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