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My names Stehanie, I am a single mother, a new author and a horror fanatic!

Okay so I watched this the other night and I loved it.

I have a love and respect for "found footage movies". I feel like they are more personal than your normal horror film. If they are good enough you ACTUALLY feel like you are watching some gruesome tape found somewhere by someone.

When the movie first started, I knew right off the bat that it wasn't Alzheimer's disease. I mean in most of these "possession" type movies it's never the medical cause. But doctors will do anything and everything to fight the fact that it may be something supernatural or demonic.

I loved how it wasn't dragged out, it kind of just dives right into everything.

I liked the scene where they are watching the tapes back and you see her almost float on to the stove top and the even scarier part is that there's no time jump. There's no explanation offered for how she "floated" onto the counter.

This movie had a lot of jumps and good old fashion horror in my opinion. I loved the effects they were able to use in this film. Its not often you see a movie in this genre with the effects this one had.

Over all it was so good! I highly recommend it to people that enjoy movies within this genre. It's different and refreshing as far as possession movies go.


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