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Just a few short weeks ago, it was announced that Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland, Gotham) will play the main love interest of the Merc with a Mouth in the upcoming Deadpool movie set to release next February.

Since then, Deadpool fans been speculating which Marvel character Fox has planned for Baccarin. For now, we have little information to work off of except that:

1. Baccarin will be Deadpool's love interest.

2. She "grapples with falling for a man with a hideously scarred face."

3. The leaked script, which points to Vanessa Carlysle being the main love interest, will probably be completely changed, so it may be someone else.

And that's about it.

For a character this important, you know Fox has something planned for Baccarin, and it may be someone completely unexpected and with an alternate backstory.

But we do have a shortlist of female characters Baccarin could be playing. I'll list each one below and highlight the best reasons for why they'll be in Deadpool.

You just have to pick your favorite!

#1 Copycat

We'll start with the most obvious contender. Most fans believe Vanessa Carlysle (A.K.A. Copycat) is who Baccarin will be portraying in the movie, and there's a lot of evidence for this.

Copycat is a metamorph mutant. She can shape-shift and copy the powers of others. So think "Mystique meets Rogue" and you're pretty much there.

Of course, Vanessa has a romantic relationship with Wade Wilson very early in his life, but he eventually leaves her.

Introducing Vanessa here makes a lot of sense because Copycat is a member of X-Force, and Fox is already planning an X-Force movie (hopefully).

Deadpool leaving her could be a fantastic way to transition the character into a new franchise, though the same can be said for...

#2 Domino

Domino is one of the more contentious picks for Deadpool's love interest since, well, Domino never really was a love interest for Wade Wilson. Just Cable as far as I know.

Despite this, Fox could very well invent a Domino origin story that happens to coincide with Deadpool and feature some romantic undertones.

Domino (A.K.A. Neena Thurman) is a mutant with the power of incredibly good luck. She is also a member of X-Force, making her a smart continuity decision for Fox in the same way Copycat would be. It's just less likely they'd pull her out of their hat this early.

#3 Siryn

Theresa Cassidy (A.K.A. Siryn) is a likely choice for Baccarin, assuming they go for a different look and/or hair color. Mostly because part of her storyline with Deadpool is tied with her seeing him unmasked and coping with it.

In the comics, the two have a very...weird relationship. There's only one time I recall they ever did anything with each other, and it went nowhere. Other times, Deadpool watches her while she sleeps (and she lets him because she likes it).

Aside from all that, Cassidy would be an interesting story development considering her father is Sean Cassidy, who played Banshee in X-Men: First Class. They would just have to get around the fact that he died at a pretty young age according to Days of Future Past.

#4 Mercedes Wilson

Yes, it's totally possible that Fox could be going for a version of the T-Ray story, but before Deadpool kills his wife (they have to make a sequel, right?)

It would be very interesting if they went this route. Basically, T-Ray is Deadpool's arch-nemesis, and he steals the identity of Wade Wilson, as well as his wife, Mercedes.

Deadpool kills Mercedes, but T-Ray brings her back to life. It's a complicated story, but one that many people consider a classic Deadpool story that would translate well to film with a few changes.

So those are the Final Four, if you will. Some fans think Baccarin could even be other (more comedic) characters like Blind Al, Death, or even Bea Arthur (it could happen). I don't think they stand much of a chance, but I've added them to the poll because fun.

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Who will Morena Baccarin portray in the upcoming "Deadpool" movie?

Deadpool is set to release February 12, 2016.


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